Adding EM Shield to an Astero

I have an Astero which has no EM shield by default. I added a Damage Control Unit which registers in the fitting browsers as 13% EM resistance and gives a nice uplift across the board.

However, I’ve tried adding all the various types of shield enhancements in the Shield Tanking page and the number never goes up. In fact with very few exceptions my total EHP just stays the same at just over 4k. It’s as if they don’t show up while docked… even the passive ones.

If I do the same in PYFA (which I’ve linked to my character profile) the value increases as I’d expect it to… I got EHP up to over 8k.

I’ve read the various help pages and wikis but I’m clearly missing something. Can anyone give me a nudge in the right direction?

Active modules that need to be turned on to work will not register using the in-game fitting tool unless you actually undock and turn them on.

For shield, active hardeners like the EM Ward Field will not register.
Passive resistance amplifiers like the EM Ward Amplifiers will register when docked.

Using Pyfa is your best option. You can export the fit from Eve - click Import & Export and copy to clipboard. In Pyfa click Edit and from clipboard. Going the other way tell Pyfa to use EFT.

Astero is intended to be Armor tanked and has a hull bonus for armor resistances. It is rarely (some would argue never) a good idea to split your tank. Consider a small armor repair and EANM or reactive hardener in addition to your DCU.

If you open the Ship Fitting window, there is an “Enter Simulation Mode” white square near the upper right corner of your ship, left to the capacitor recharge numbers.

Click it and it will show all your modules active and online.
You can click on modules to make them: Active (green), Online but not active (white), Offline (light grey), Overheated (red) to test.

You can also remove and drag and drop fit in any module from cargo or from auction house info page, no matter if you have it or not, just to see what result it could have, as a test.

When you are done, you can click on the “Exit Simulation Mode” square and the ship fitting will be changed back to the starter setup as before the test.


Why would you shield tank an Astero…?

I shield tank my vexor even though it’s more of an armor tank ship

The differance is the astero gets a bonus to armor resistance and the vexor does not. You can fly ships how you want but it is unusual to be ignorant of tanking or weapon bonuses.

Shield tank an Astero to do missions, so you can use all the low slots for drone damage modules.

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Interesting choice of mission boat. Why choose a covert cloaking ship? Wouldn’t there be better choices for dps/tanking than the Astero?

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For a shield tanked drone boat look at the
It has the same resistance bonus as the Astero but for shield instead of armor and an insane bonus for drones. Can easily run level 2 missions.


Wanda - I was just answering the question of why you might shield tank an Astero. I flew one for a few missions because it was available. Doesn’t mean it was a first choice.

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