Adding gametime: 12 months are not a year

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Just added omega time for the first time. I’m kinda surprised I “lost” 5 days of gametime left from my first subscription - it would have expired Oct 3rd, but my new gametime now “only” expires sep 28th 2018. Incidently it looks like it just consumed my remaining gametime, so I was eager to start ranting about time being stolen and so on but I’ve just noticed that eve account summary says:

Your current subscription plan is 12 month(s) (360 day) recurring and the next billing date is 28 September 2018.

We teach our children about 365 days in preschool, so I had not at all in mind 12 months could be less than a year. Pity, I wanted to keep that date in mind, but as it changes every year, I just wait for offers for the next gametime upgrade or just spend some plex…

Anyway, gonna be around for another 12 months. Horray!

(Wander Prian) #2

Most subscription-based services use 30 days as the time due to it being simpler to account for.

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And this means that in order to play for six years, date to date, you must pay 74 (seventy four) months of subscription. :woman_teacher:

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Your math is off…
74 * 30 = 2220 days
6 * 365 = 2190 days

Now even if you meant 73 months (of 30 days) you forgot to include leap years. A 6 year period will have one or two leap years (unless it overlaps the change of the century, but we’re not expecting EVE to last till 2100 are we?) so is in fact 2191 or 2192 days. So an exact “date to date” solution won’t be possible.

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I knew somebody would bite… :stuck_out_tongue:

Because of leap years, in 6 calendar years there will be either (365 * 6)+1 or (365 * 6)+2 days, that’s 2191 or 2192 days of subcription, whereas 73*30=2190 days… your subcription would expire one or two days before your date-to-date period, thus you’d need to pay another 30 days to cover those 24/48 hours from the leap year(s).

And that’s why you need to pay 74 months of subcription in order to play for 6 years date to date. :woman_teacher:

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