OMEGA time of february in days? How to check?

I Noticed Omega time always ends one minute after midnight, so it must be doing some
sort of approximation I thought. What about making a subscription for february? Could I get the days of January in Omega time and have those applied to February?
Is Eve following the Lunar cycle for months or the Solar or an approximation of both?
How do we check the days in the time offer when is not displayed an info button?
Given the recent climatic changes and the disappearence of seasons wouldn’t it be correct to assume fabruary is no longer necesary and its days can be split amongst other months and our new Eve year would be doing fine with 11 months instead of 12?
My peach tree just blossomed, I’m not joking… it’s already spring where I live…

We bill on a 30 day cycle so please note: 1 month = 30 days

Thou shalt count to 30. Thou shalt not count to 31, nor shalt thou count to 29 on a February leap year unless then proceeding to the number 30. 32 is right out.


Interesting, so CCP is pocketing 5 days of subscriptions every year. Even 6 days in some years.

i know i’m sensing sarcasm, but it’s not really how you are making it sound.

Is @Archer_en_Tilavine ever coming back? I miss him.

How do you figure that?

30 days is 30 days regardless of the number of days in a month.

If you buy 12 “months”, you won’t get a full year. Those crooks!

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As posted above in CCP world 1 month is 30 days. So if you buy 12 months that’s 12 x 30 = 360 days.

You’re getting 360 days regardless of the number of days in the year. 360 days after you buy it you need to renew. No funny business I can see.

probably not… we’ve not heard from him on discord, in quite a while, and he even removed himself from the discord for USIA

So it’s a sort of Moonin cycle, I get it… ty… even tho I’d much prefer the Sun…

I have the solution. Only play in February so that you can steal yourself an average of 1.75 days of game time and let the bean counters wrinkle their noses at having to give you free game time because of a technicality.


technically you are getting 362 days… yes i took the time to map out from this year to next year, from when my sub hit in Jan 22, to next year, and it finished at Jan 18 2023 so there’s 19, 20, and 21 of 2023 in january that i’d lose if i didn’t resub a yearly membership…

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I miss you guys, too! Unfortunately, unless I need a programming project for my portfolio, I’m probably never coming back :slightly_frowning_face:. I still check for pings on forums, though, and keep up with a few EVE buddies on Discord. I used to check EVEmail regularly, but after my Omega subs lapsed I lost all motivation to log into the game… not even daily SP or event login rewards motivated me anymore… maybe I should use Fuzzwork EVEmail to check EVEmail so I don’t have to log into the game… (Oops @Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras sorry I missed yours, I only now just checked after a few months :grimacing:.) I still have my assets on hand in case I decide to come back, though. (Read: no you can’t have my stuff.)

I stopped playing EVE for a very long-list of reasons (not all related to EVE or to each other - details would merit its own thread in OOPE subforum), and have since transitioned to low-commitment, instant-gratification, in-and-out, more consistent-experience games with communities that are more social, less toxic, and have orders of magnitude more young women (20’s-early 30’s) comprising a considerable share of their player base (heavy double-digit percentages… truthfully when searching for replacement games, I went out of my way to make sure that it was one that would make it very easy to meet women!) Making friends on these games - friends you spend more time talking to out of game than in game - has become a routine occurrence for me, very easy to do, near effortless. At one point I even fleshed out two ‘strategies’ to make friends consistently if I wanted to take an active rather than passive approach, and these strategies could net me a new lady friend every day or two.

One day I employed one of these ‘strategies’ in match chat of a quick play, and another player - who I believe was on the opposing team if I remember correctly - and I very quickly developed rapport. We were chatting via match chat throughout the game, and at the end they friend added me and we went from there to group up and play more games together. Lo and behold, it was a lovely young gal, just a few years younger than me. Two days later we grouped up again, but this time we used voice chat instead of text chat, and 10 seconds in we’re already both cry-laughing hysterically without pause for the next 4 hours playing, and immediately after playing she gave me her (real) phone number and we talked on the phone for maybe another hour or so. Literally not one second passed that we weren’t cry-laughing from the blast we were having with each other. Since then we spend all day every day texting or calling or videochatting each other whenever we’re not playing together. Some time passes and we took things to the next level by arranging to meet one another in real life, so I flew up to visit her, and we spent 4 days in a hotel talking and making love non-stop. (What made my stay extra spicy was that we talked about it and made preparations in advance that she would get the birth control arm implant so that I could go all-natural and not pull out :smiling_imp:.) Some more time has elapsed (with said birth control implant confirmed to be working :face_exhaling:) and now we’re making arrangements for her to move in with me at my new place in the very near future :heart: (as of last week I relocated and now live in a different state, so no more “Florida Man” jokes for me :smile: )

After leaving EVE I’ve been able to concentrate more on my career and personal life. With the time I’ve freed up from EVE, I now have a better paying job with better benefits and more flexible hours, I have a wider friend pool, I have a passionate love life, and I have other PVP/RPG/4X/Economy/etc games I enjoy more than EVE. Honestly, leaving EVE was one of the best decisions I never made, and I regret not making it years ago. There are greener pastures out there, people, especially if immersing yourself with young women is important to you.

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I got the Nebula pack this month, 10 eur for 14 days… a 42% price increase
I have lost 1.5 days in respect to the canonical 30 days…
So yes, If could recover those 1.5 days somehow, I would do it…
A week of 8 days would be a SUN week, no need for tricking february…
Just need to abandon Moon worshipping and go back to the Gates of the SUN instead!!!

A special SUN two weeks offers pack of 16 days at 8 eur would make sense to me…
Normal Moon 2 weeks on the other end should be 7 eur to make sense for purchase.
Instead we have the Starter pack of 7 days for 7 eur, basically at double the normal 0.5 a day price… 100% price increase.
That doesn’t makes much senes…



Great to hear from you and I’m glad you took my advice! :wink:


Wait till you meet (meat?) the next Mrs Archer en Tilavine. :smirk:

Log in once a yr, keep your gear. One day, your going to need a break from the Ex Mrs Archer en Tilavine… :rofl:

THAT was your advice?

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What better advice could I give a young man? :lying_face:

Edit: I never thought he take me up on it though… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

He really didn’t need to provide all that detail. It would have been better if he had just left it as:

“I quit Eve do that I could have more time to chase tail.”


That we can agree on