Adeptio Gloriae 2018 Closing RMT statement. 2019 Celebration bonus draw

Since September 2018 A…G has focused solely on offshore remote market trading using the new upwell player owned structures and markets. This post is a celebration of the success my corp has experienced in remote market trading & a thank you to all of our customers over the last 3 months & a special thank you to our market hosts.

Firstly I must thank equally the following, I choose you market services, Mogul services & TAPI for being gracious hosts across all regions of high sec to A…G off shore remote market trading operations. I must also thank TAPI affiliates for their PVP spaceship support in opening market opportunity for A…G & defending our interests.

Our investor list continues to grow with many players all ready investing over 10bn ISK each, a special thank you to our current list of investors,

Aaron Keelty
Alexandr Zaitcev
Alisa Red alert
Alonia Saissore
Alt Victoria
Ayaks Zevsovich
Bererund Bererund
Bertha Jones
Big Bing4
boris skeep
Bridget Rudisuli
butch ravenhurst
chaos fang Yassavi
Chase Kerman
Clara Stone
Cookies Juice
Corvitan Oriki
Craven Kain
DB 250
Diane Dallocort
Dragi Saissore
Drawoh Kcirdnek
Drax Orr
Echo5eve Ohmiras
ELEA Darine
Exzellenz Phanzar
Flung Stenier-Tian
fokc21 Arthie
Goodbye22 Ciano
Gravey Garves
Groot Brinalle
Harley Earnie
Igor Rubanok
Indendi Orca
Jari Nyaguy
Jeter Leusten
jonie rotten
Kaijan Bubulyka
Kennie Minh

ktmd1 Arnerette
Lefevr Boirelle
Lewd Obida
Lina Oramara
Lisa Xirelli
Locchsly Kondur
Lord Ste
Meeka Avalhar
Mole Maricadie
Mrs Shango
never less
Pazifist Germanicus
Phoenix Shipwrights Association
Qar Medes
Rindor WaAhn
SeRgAkA WoWs
Shinjo Katori
Skin Spoiler
Sodium Oxide
T3x45m4D3TWO54 Burrows
Tam Balar
Tatsuj Khan
tianhao china
Tor Alland
Tyi Ko’rrin
Tyrann Tekitsu
Uni blackheart
Vir Beldrulf
WickedAimz Syk
Wild Bers
William R Wallace
Zbig D

Each investor named above will be placed into a draw on Jan 5th 2019 with the winner receiving a 1bn ISK prize sum. Winner will be contacted via in game mail and prize money given on response, they’ll post here on acceptance.

The 2018 investment year has now closed. With 2019 investment opportunities expected to begin on Jan 5th 2019.

Happy New Year everybody! & lets hope 2019 brings further fortunes to us!

Thank you for your confession. Reported to CCP.

Is this a list of your RMT customers?


Im pretty sure you might have missed the explanation he gave, in this he specifically states “remote market trading” in his mind this has been shortened to RMT. I think its a poor choice cause this then happens and people think “real money trading”

If you re-read the post he is specifically thanking people who have market structures over new eden as this allows him to do his remote marketing.

@Brewlar_Kuvakeiyou may wish to rephrase the title and the “RMT” to give more of an explanation without the real money trading pitchforks coming out.

Oh yeah good point, I’ll change that to offshoring.

Maru Zha has just deposited 4bn Isk and I will also enter further investors/customers into the Jan 5th Draw.

Why is one of my alts listed as an investor? I’ve never heard of you.

@Piotr_Leusten your alt is cheating on you :stuck_out_tongue: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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If you haven’t met Brewlar before, let this be your formal invitation to just ignore most, if not everything he says. I’m convinced he does it to get a rise out of people, but in general, just let him talk in his own little corner and pay no attention.

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I knew it! That stupid cousin of mine would do ANYTHING for a buck. Caldari swineface!

I’m disappointed I didn’t make it onto the RMT list.

Which char? I am sure this list is 100% correct but let me know if there has been an error.

Well then you’ve not invested.

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