Adeptio Gloriae 2019 Investment Year Begins

Adeptio Gloriae welcomes 2019 Investments.

The investment premise is simple & so is the operation.

You provide ISK to the Adeptio Gloriae Corporation wallet with the reason as ‘2019 Investment’, you may also evemail your deposit and use this as a receipt of transaction if you wish.

You are then paid 5% interest for each full month your investment remains within Adeptio Gloriae.

Minimum investment is 250m isk, investment period closes Jan 2020, at which point investments incur no further interest however funds can still be withdrawn. A new investment begins each January.

You can fully withdraw or partially withdraw in 250m increments at any time, you can also top up in minimum 250m increments.

It’s an easy way to insure your ISK works for you while taking a break from the game or if you have surplus Isk but lack the incentive to fight for 5% market returns. Returns are generated via in game trading & a surplus pool is maintained by those who have invested but not yet withdrawn.

Happy new investment year everyone, 2019!

Does this mean you’ll continue to hold peoples’ ISK despite no longer paying them interest on it? If so then why don’t you just return it in January 2020?

Yeah it exactly means that. Any funds left in after the investment fund retires each year will become Bona vacantia and not gain interest in the next year. The investor can still gain access to their investment and interest achieved in the qualifying period at any time after it retires however it will not be generating any more interest.

Bona vacantia is how Adeptio Gloriae benefits from the investments, ie. a % amount of my investors will never withdraw their investment for reasons such as leaving the game permanently, losing account access (bans for example) or IRL death. This is also how I am able to pay investors 5% without a hitch each month.

So essentially you just keep it even if they are active and just forgot.

Also where did Brewlar go.

Bona vacantia in financial terms is forgotten or abandoned funds, yes I hope to keep said funds that is why I run this investment & have brought it to the forum for 2019. The 2018 Bona vacantia was worth while IMHO but as I said this is still available for withdrawl by investors.

Brewlar is fine btw.

So you don’t even pay out the interest until they ask for it either?

Do you ever send reminders to investors that you owe them ISK?

Investors are given their ISK and earned interest on request. A…G is a no muss, no fuss bank, we don’t chase investors for withdrawls.

Since Brewlar Kuvakei / Ronja Green / Adeptio Gloriae won’t tell you that they owe you ISK and you’re no longer earning interest on your investment here’s a friendly reminder from me :bear:. I’ll also send a mail to make sure you don’t miss this and forget to withdraw your ISK.


You can only mention ten users per post, so I have to split them up.


Luckily most of the investors aren’t active on the forum or this would’ve become quite silly.


Happy new year everybody and enjoy the ISK that Brewlar / Ronja / Adeptio say they owe you!

I’d like pledge 20 tril.

lol only 20?

Let’s see yours big boy.

It was a joke but ok

Yes I am a poor can confirm :slight_smile:

You caught me in a lie.

I have been reading these posts for a while now most seem to be scams maybe all are scams I dont know. I just sent 1 bill to eve museum so hopefully that is legit lol.

Eve Museum is legit until it’s not…

Got ya, that is why I started out with a smaller number.

Just a little bump, we got a lot new investors over the last few weeks. Seems times are good in test as a lot of line members are investing.

Probably also helps that I am active in perimeter local or maybe the good word is spreading on coms.

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