Advanced Interception

If we could have the option to upgrade Approach to include a calculation of the target’s vector and velocity to instead automatically direct our approach to intercept it, that would be amazing.

I could see how this could be its own supplemental skill dependent perhaps on Interceptor IV or V and could perhaps be necessary for a specific module which toggles the effect on the approach command when active. I would make such a module a low slot to limit the number of nanofibers an interceptor might have that costs more CPU than PG.

The module could be limited to interceptors and faction ships.

As an added tweak to help make this option worth it - if tackling rats have a chance to acquire this module, it would also effect them adding a little bit more AI complexity to the PvE experience of ratting and faction spawns, for example.

What could go wrong? :wink:

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What is wrong with double-clicks in space?


Double click or q-move OP. It’s one of the piloting skills that differentiates the good and the bad.


It’s called Manual Piloting. Judicious use of the Orbit Camera, target tracking, tactical overlay and the arcane input method known as the Double Click.
It’s not that hard and just takes some practice.
It’s what separates a good tackle pilot from the wrecks of failed tackle.


Let’s Remove Skill from the Game!

I don’t wanna ‘Git Gud’

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no thks we don’t need more automation in this game

it is like asking for an “advance hacking” skill which would allow you to see where is the core when you hack something
or an “advance missiles selection” skill which would make you automoatically select the best ammo type according to the enemy tank

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