Evasive Maneuvers

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I just wanted to share an idea about some new additions to ship controls: Evasive Maneuvers. This function will allow a pilot to choose a maneuver in battle situations to dodge projectile firing, decrease/increase transversal, shifting directions quickly etc etc. How this will me better than arrow piloting? it will be faster, better done and more precise.
Upon using the maneuver, the pilot will select an object, ship, structure etc as the center of the maneuver, the AI would use this as the refrence point. For instance, Angular Velocity Maneuver would modify the direction of travel of the vessel in comparaisson to the direction of travel of the target ship.
In order to balance this feature, it would be suitable to give each maneuver a cooldown depending on their use.

This feature would probably change the gameplay in EVE and create new metas of solo PVP or PVE.


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Твоя идея хороша, но в этом был бы смысл если орудия корабля не автоматически наводились а сам пилот наводил орудия, но идея с маневрами хорошо подошла с к бомбардировщикам так как у них векторное орудие. Да и какие маневры если пушки стреляют сквозь метеоры
Your idea is good, but it would make sense if the ship’s guns are not automatically guided and the pilot himself pointed guns, but the idea of maneuvers well suited to the bombers as they have a vector gun. Yes, and what maneuvers if the gun shoot through the meteors

Only if they make it so i can manually aim my guns.

well as seen with battleships using blasters or projectiles, they have a problem with tracking, an evasive maneuver will be made to evade the tracking of its guns. This feature will indeed help stealth bombers. if you are webbed or grappled tho, there could be a maneuver for you to pull as much distance as possible and dodge shots (zig zags etc etc)

That would be pretty fun for battleships and capitals, I think. If a frigate is moving in a predictable circle around you, then if you maneuver and angle your guns correctly then you might be able to land a hit if you fire at just the right moment. Hell, give it a few years and videos will probably start showing up featuring someone who put in the necessary time and effort to master the skill and can reliably hit frigates at ludicrous ranges.

double click in space to fly in that direction is already being widely used to manually control ship flight in PvP

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