How much movement can I control?

I’ve been running through all of the training missions for the different careers and I really love it so far. I am comfortable with how flight/movement between points works in the game vs a HOTAS type flight control from other games I have played. However, I am not sure I fully understand movement under fire and especially movement in pvp situations that may arise.

For example, I see an enemy and seek to engage or I am engaged - other than targeting and moving to an attack position and engaging my offensive and defensive systems what else can I potentially do regarding movement? I can’t actually steer the ship can I? I mean I can in the broad sense of set a point head to it, set a point head to it, etc but am I missing anything here as far as quicker, micro adjustments to my heading and direction with immediate response when engaged in a battle?

You can “double-click” in space. There are a number of maneuvers, that can be done by “manually” flying your ship in space.

The slingshot and spiraling techniques (both explained in YouTube vids) can be used in combat effectively. They are manual flying techniques. So, manually piloting your ship can be done, and can make a difference in combat.

Best way for an introduction is watching a video, where the pilot explains why s/he’s doing what s/he’s doing. There are lots of videos uploaded on youtube clarifying the “what’s” and the “whys”.


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Point and click. Think of EVE flight controls as submarines in space.

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Not really, no. Chances are you probably wont use manual piloting. Most of the benefits of manual piloting can be attained usually by setting a closer or farther orbitting path. The only real time that ive ever used it is when i was trying to gain distance from someone but also wanted to be in the general direction of a warp-out point incase i needed to escape. But for the most part, just orbitting a target and changing distance based off that is usually the easier way to manage distance.



You can also use the arrow buttons on your keyboard to manually turn your ship.

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From the first person “cockpit” view, you can use the arrow keys to pilot the ship minus key for full stop and plus for ahead full. However there are some limitations;

  • There is no hot key for setting the throttle to 25%, 50%, etc…
  • Most ships ( no matter of skill or fit ) steer like a cow.
  • There is no reverse thrust.
  • Warp tunneling requires a speed of 75% of your current maximum speed to engage.

This is why most people use the combat computer… Luke! You shut off your combat computer! Unless you are a power Jedi, best to fly by computer navigation. The way I view it, this is suppose to be the very distant future and we should have much better technology. The simulation seems to represent it well, with the exception of D-scan.

Combat Procedures
Keep moving - Sitting still makes you an easy target. The only time I sit is mining and that is because, I don’t care about some little venture getting blown up, while I am watching NetFlix or Hulu.

Before you attack, know your weapons. Range is what you should orbit your target. Example; if my laser is 14K falloff then I will be closer than 14K. When I engage multiple targets, I pick the biggest to orbit and keep a good distance, running full thrust (if I can expend the energy), while I target the smaller vessel with all weapons. Drones are only good against NPCs, players with half a brain will ignore the drones and shoot you. Know the 4 basic types of weapon damage and how they work against the target. This is why combat ships should carry multiple types of ammo.

As you can see, this is less about being twiddle fingers on a keyboard, and more about strategic position.

Fly safe o7

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@Vanhelzin you may find

  1. Combat Mechanics | EVE Academy | EVE Online
  2. Flying Your Ship | EVE Academy | EVE Online

helpful on this topic.

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