Advice for someone who hasn't played since 2011?


like the title said I somehow came back after I didn’t play since 2011. Back in the day the best ship I had was a Rattlesnake (which I lost) and a Covetor. I lost the Covetor yesterday when I wanted to sell my ore and jumped right into this invasion thingy attacking the station.

There are like a million new menus I don’t know, new tutorials, new stuff to do. Any advise for me? Should I play the tutorials? If so what ship should I use? A combat frigate?

Any advice is welcome… so far I’m playing PVE with a friend without a corporation…

Edit: Do I need to insure/update my clone somehow?

Follow this guy’s evasive techniques and build from there.

Jumping to 100km instead of 0km might have saved you for instance

Alpha to Omega - How to scan Wormhole newbie basics! Ep 6

Thanks, I’ll check it out!

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Soo much has changed in that time! Take one of the characters from that account and start the tutorials as if you’re brand new. You have some research to do on what’s changed. So much has you really need to find out.

No. We don’t have to do that anymore.

Thanks! Good advice, I’ll try that

i would suggest you to join a newbie-friendly corp, even Eve-university, because you have so many questions and things to re-learn that it cannot be written here. Talking on comms with a few corpmates who will be happy to help you will give you the answers

You can look up the most recent updates here
And go back the list. It probably does not go back all the way until 2011 but still should sum up quite a bit.

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