Advice on running a trade hub for specific materials?

Not sure if its viable (especially with the cores coming into play) but I’m thinking about making a trade hub (or smaller) in a specific spot , to sell a specific type of items in an area.

I say trade hub, not to be like the next jita or anything just a place that sells specific items that might not be in other trade hubs as much, but is still in high demand.

If you want to sell stuff, you need people to buy it from you. People would mostly do that when your ‘trade hub’ is close to their activities, when the trade hub supplies nearly everything they need for those activities and when they can sell their stuff easily (hauling service or buyback). Otherwise they might be tempted to get all the stuff from another market instead.

You mention cores, so I assume you want to do this from within an upwell structure? This has the risk that you need to defend your structure against hostiles.

If it’s just the ‘supply market demand’ experience you want, you could join a corporation in a remote region of space (null perhaps) and supply their market to turn it into a well stocked trade hub. Added benefit is that you have a corporation to defend the structure with you.

If you sneak up in a region where a bigger established hub is setup be prepared for a war dec and too defend your structure. Also keep in mind the cost of monthly fuel + core and then consider how much of your specific product you will have to sell to cover that.


Hit me up with any questions I have 15,000 market orders and 17 trade hubs with 900 items listed XD so if you got questions on getting started let me know. Best way is to message me on my Discord

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