Aesthetic changes to in-space maneuvering

Can there be small gas thruster-like effects when the player rotates their ship instead of it magically rotating? My argument is that in the real world spacecraft cannot rotate themselves without either gas thrusters or reaction wheels, and reaction wheels are too weak to spin craft quickly like we see in game.

Who is to say that improved future reaction wheels or some other advanced technology will not be able to quickly rotate ships in space?

Good point, maybe 20,000 years in the future people will have developed improved reaction wheels that require less power for more “oomph”.

Will the internet spaceships still bank into turns?

what you see on ships are not engines… just simple waste energy exhausts.

The power cores and engines are these solid like metal balls of something inside the ships…

so we do not have thrusters, more like linear gravitic drives instead

As has been said before, in the EvE lore, ships aren´t moved by conventional thrusters, but so called PEGs which simply change your position relatively to the biggest gravitational object (usually the sun). Once a PEG is active, it won´t move no matter what, unless the PEG gets the instruction to move, and therefor the ship on it.
The reason why things like bumping works is because the ship systems are telling it to move and avoid collissions at all cases

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Where can I read up on this?

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