AFK Players in enemy space

Recently in Null we have had a few people that Cloak up and stay logged on but because they are red to us, it ruins the game experience IMO. People will not undock because of a red that stays logged on for most of the day. I think the Mobile Observatory needs to be much better so that people can combat this issue. The current specs on the Mobile Observatory are seemingly useless. We have never had any success decloaking people since I have been playing the game.

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No. Just…no. You people were whining about players being able to be cloak indefinitely, so then it got changed to it’s current form. You won’t be happy until players can’t cloak. Period.


If you are scared of reds, go to high sec.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


If you really want to jack with the nullsec crybabies, filament into their system in a fast ship and fly inside of their sun. Even if they probe you down, they can’t warp to you. Good times.

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Long story short, we’ve seen more than enough whines about cloaking on this forum over the years. Before cloaking was changed to it’s current form, the whine thread on here had more pages than the U.S. Tax Code.


This was not really about cloaking. It was about the Mobile Observatory.

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I understand that. Nothing more than a veiled attempt to nerf cloaking in null.

As Mr. Epeen said, if you are scared of a red dot on your screen, why are you living in null sec?

Try undocking - then they will uncloak.


If I wanted them to nerf Cloaking, I would have said that. It was not a veiled attempt at anything. But you do you.

Try leaving Hisec. Lol

I get it, We play a different game than you. That is fine. You and the Hawks got me once. I am okay with that. I just wanted to put it out there. Not get in a pissing match with anyone.

I live in high sec and I have to constantly watch local for reds that may or may not be cloaked. Why shouldn’t you? It certainly doesn’t keep me from undocking.

Where does it say I will not undock? Null and Hisec are not remotely the same as you know. We deal with reds all the time, I just think the Mobile Observatory needs to be better as I keep stating. I could do no Explo if I could not cloak. I am not asking that anything be done with the cloaking mechanics but you can interpret it anyway you want. Fly safe and happy hunting.

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You were saying?

I said people yes. I did not say me. That is correct.

I name all of my ships that I venture into nullsec with “Pixel Fear” for a reason… :wink:

What kind of changes would you like to see in the mobile observatory?

With curious regards
-James Fuchs

Well, you can certainly see on zkill that I have had my fair share of losses. I have a toon of 5 that I mine with so I am vigilant.

I think they should up the decloak chance percentage.