AFK Players in enemy space

It will not uncloak a ship that is not AFK as I understand it. How CCP determines that is a mystery. Apparently, nobody else is keen on the idea. Lol

What purpose would it serve? Let’s say a player is cloaked and is not AFK and is actively moving around. These other players you speak of still wouldn’t undock anyway.

And I do appreciate the polite response. It is rare these days. And not to mention, someone from safety. I usually get the “Hello miner” and a link the WWIG channel after I got blown up. Lol

You have been playing a long time. I am assuming you lived in Null at some point.

18 years, and yes. Nothing but politics, elitism, and bots.

Fine, Null wasn’t for you I am guessing. I think they should up the decloak chance. Thats my opinion on it.

I come from a time where we had no ability to uncloak anyone and if they wanted to stay cloaked they would stay cloaked forever. And I mined with 5-6 rorquals every day. No one complained, because being cloaky camped was just a way of life, and if you were caught you were stupid.

Now, its much easier to detect and get rid of cloaky campers. And yet here you are, complaining. Would you prefer they roll it back to what it used to be like? No? Then be happy with what you have. It could be a lot worse, and it was a lot worse.

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bumping this to Player Features & Ideas - EVE Online Forums as reading this as a feature request to improve the decloak chance.

Bait them and kill them. It’s very easy. If they don’t fall for your bait, you can rat just like normal. If they fall for your bait, you get PVP content, which Null is all about. You live in your sov space and it is your duty to patrol and police it.


Just watch dscan and local and ignore them, that’s all we used to do.

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Why do you think the decloak chance is too low?

Keep in mind that the mobile obserbatory currently has a 99% chance to decloak an AFK player:

9 pings over a lifetime with 40% decloak chance each means AFK cloaky players have a (1-0.4)^9=0.01 chance to still be cloaked after a full Mobile Observatory lifetime. 1% chance to be cloaked, 99% chance to be decloaked.

Personally I think 99% chance to catch an AFK player is a good chance.

But, if you want an even better chance you can drop a second MOBO for a 99.99% decloak rate.

Well, I am usually not on the side of any “complainers” but there really is an issue here. And I also sense that it is intentionally misinterpreted by most of the people who have replied. Either being on that stupud “booh hooo but when we were young we had it even harder”-train (which is basically a non-argument) or intentionally framing the discussion without looking at the bigger context.

The problem isn’t that some guy “afk cloaks”. That one guy wouldn’t be a huge threat, but it isn’t the “one guy”. It is the cyno generator he has on his ship and the constant threat to magically teleport a large gang right on top of you. It is a complete illusion to think “yeah just keep doing your business, it’s just one guy in a bomber, you can easily defeat him once he tries stuff!”. Because that isn’t what happens. You are basically forced to have a complete defensefleet on high alert ready to counter within seconds. For an assault that you don’t know when it will come or if it even comes at this day. And the one cloaker in local can force your group to do that for hours if you want to keep using the space you live in.

Mobos aren’t used regulary for a reason: they simply suck. You pay a lot of money, can’t rescoop them and in the end the chances to get someone are really really low (I don’t mean the decloaking chance, I mean the chance to actually score a kill). And even if you get an afk-bomber, it’s cheap as ■■■■ and replaced in a few minutes, it doesn’t even remove the threat potential. We can even completely stop arguing at this point because there is a simple logical rule: If an item is basically not used by the players, it’s design simply is bad.

I have little mercy or sympathy for the Nullblocks, but this nonsense is simply imbalanced, mainly as a result of how the cyno mechanics work (threat potential), the costs of usage (expensive, one-time use), and the success chance to actually solve the problem (pretty much non-existent).

If it was up to me, these MOBOs should be re-designed:

  • hitpoints reduced to 15.000 eHP, 7500 raw HP @50% omni resist (easier to assault for active Bomber- or T3C Pilots, even from range, with hit&run attacks or even bombruns)
  • must be placed at least 1000km away from any other object (cannot be protected by structure defenses)
  • only one MOBO can be anchored per grid (locals would have to defend multiple spots if they want to use more than one at a time)
  • anchoring time 10 minutes
  • pings must be done manually by the owner (forces activity and time management if you want to get out the full 10 pings over the lifetime)
  • ping cooldown 5 minutes, 50% chance to decloak on ping (more pressure on cloakers)
  • each ping increases the cooldown timer of all other MOBOs in the system by 2 minutes (prevent mass-pinging in short succession)
  • automatic unanchoring after 10 pings or 90 minutes, whatever comes first (faster game pacing)
  • if unanchored, can be scooped in by anyone (no financial penalty if you can protect them, option to be looted by the cloakers if the locals mess up the timing)
  • if unanchored, all resist set to 0%, so eHP reduced to 7500 (can be killed by an active Bomber or T3C Pilot in seconds even from range if the owner misses the unanchoring timer even by a small margin)

Would imho promote a much more active gameplay and countergameplay and people would actually use the thing to actively hunt the cloakers, which in return would have to play active to either survive or even kill the MOBOs used.

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Gotta love how I can mine in high sec with 20+ reds all of the sudden coming through the system at any time, but null sec players are scared to death to the point of being unwilling to undock over a single red in their system. I find that quite hilarious…

Because you intentionally ignore the fact that the situations aren’t comparable.

The way CCP determines if a cloaked player is AFK or not is not a mystery. The MOBO is designed to have minimal impact on non-AFK players while catching the players who are AFK for longer times.

  1. Players who have turned on their cloak less than 15 minutes ago still have ‘cloak hardening’ and are immune to MOBOs, because these are active players.
  2. Individual pings have a relatively low chance of 40%, so active players who have been cloaked for longer than 15 minutes aren’t affected often. And in case they are affected and get decloaked, it doesn’t take much effort from an active player to simply turn their cloak back on.

Because of both cloak hardening and the relatively low decloak chance per ping, the MOBO doesn’t interfere with regular non-AFK cloaky gameplay much, which is good. And it mainly affects the intended targets, players who are not paying attention for extended periods of time, because if you’re AFK for the full duration of a MOBO there is only a 1% chance you are still cloaked.

MOBOs don’t need to be used often to be an effective way to deal with AFK cloaking players.
The existence of these deployables alone makes it so that people can no longer camp a system cloaked in expensive ships AFK for hours without repercussions.
MOBOs are a bit like nuclear weapons: a threat because they exist and can be used, but not often used.

What do you mean with the difference between decloak chance and the chance to score a kill? Shouldn’t the chance to score a kill on an AFK decloaked player be 100%? Or are you talking about non-AFK cloaky players perhaps?

Next, when you talk about an AFK bomber that ‘is replaced in a few minutes’, is the bomber pilot AFK if he can replace it and continue camping? To me it sounds like you are talking about non-AFK cloaky camping.

Mobile observatories are meant to be a counter against AFK cloaky camping, not to be a tool against legit non-AFK cloaky camping. To counter non-AFK cloaky camping you have different tools, like bait.

I don’t think MOBOs need any changes. They’re easily killed already (6 bomber volleys, so a single squad can decloak, volley it dead and recloak, while a single bomber doesn’t spend much time killing it either).

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This. They will continue to whine about cloaks, period, until they are removed. The odds of you catching a non-AFK cloaky camper is next to zero, MOBO or not.

Don’t have time right now and very busy at work till Saturday, but if you are interested in a honest discussion above “booh hoo get gud they are all whiners!” niveau I would like to reply later.

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tldr you’re scared of reds. your friends are scared of reds, not a single one of you knows how to use a mobile observatory, and CCP needs to make reds go away so you can itch your crabs in peace.

Tell me what I got wrong there? Because all of this is a you problem, not a cloaky camping problem. Because if your cloaky camper isn’t paying attention, he’s getting decloaked and you can probe him down. Kinda like CCP intends to reward active cloaky camping and punish AFK ratting. :thinking: