AFK Ratting In Low-Sec Viable?

Hello, capsuleers. I’m currently planning on AFK ratting for some ‘quick’ ISK. I’ve checked out some guides and majority of them are asking me to go to Null. However, I prefer to stay in Low-Sec, any estimates on how much will I earn? Yes, I know I will expect some form of hate from AFK ratting, so I’m not really afk. I will be on my computer doing other stuff. Thanks, in advance

Yes, AFK ratting in lowsec is viable. You will learn a lot.


Learn as in what?

You will learn different forms of dying.


Ouh ok, I will not AFK rat then. I’ll go back to ‘normal’ ratting

yeah you cant go afk in lowsec everyone too desperate to kill anything

Please AFK in low-sec. My Rifter needs content.


It is sort of doable but not in the same way it is in Null. It would definitely be suicide to AFK rat at an anomaly but you could semi-afk some missions in lowsec. There are empty systems in lowsec and agents of plenty. Just find an empty system with an agent and pull angel extravaganza or something similar and deploy drones, keep an eye on local. Become active if someone comes in, check their killboard, d scan for probes. It’s not completely AFK but lowsec isn’t the ■■■■ show everyone says it is. You can spend hours on end alone in a system.

With that said, it’s probably not the best idea. Lowsec can be a lot of fun but maybe save it for when you feel like being active, and do AFK missions in highsec.

Edit: It looks like you’re Amarr. Genesis is one of the biggest and most empty lowsec regions. Head towards the Eve Gate and scout out agents in that area. You might be able to find what you seek there. I know that area well and It’s pretty dead. There’s also Aridia but that region is a lot more busy, and it has a sort of superhighway running directly through it. Genesis on the other hand is a massive dead end. There’s literally a system called dead end. Although, there’s currently an event going on in amarr space so it may be more crowded than usual.

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