After the installation of Vangangard

The game launcher is telling me a system restart is required.

Does that actually mean restart or can I shut off my computer the normal way of turning off the GPO at the wall?

Restart was not required

My system hasn’t been updated for a few years and if I click restart it might not function.

/ update last checked;


If Vanguard is in beta still I can share this screenshot

////@Uriel_the_Flame expectations are futile as I don’t believe Vanguard is ready for a Frostpacker.

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Hey if an idiot can install and run Vanguard then anyone can.

Let’s get the numbers up!

After installation of Vanguard you need to TURN OFF and TURN ON Computer.
After it , you should be able to play. …i do it works.

Anty cheat - They sometime need a update.

System - Needs to be same or higher than mentioned in system requirements

Graphic Card - Needs to be update same like windows.

Last thing - a BIOS , I’ve hear once theory that it can create errors.

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Totally agree that a current update would be required, even though questioning if I included my bios.

I just don’t want to update this current pc.

I do have another that you had used fir eveonline, perhaps I should’ve started with that one. has system requirements section towards the bottom, specifically the OS section speaks to how up to date:

  • OS: Windows 10 64-bit (21H2/19044) / Windows 11 64-bit
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I will build my spare pc for this task,

(21H2/19044 With the dx12 gpu drivers