Vanguard Screwed my Computer Up

Ever since I installed the new launcher my system is running like crap. I stopped using it and went back to the old launcher, several restarts later, no improvement. Cmon. Boot.ini NEVER FORGET NEVER FORGIVE

Does it “run like crap” only when the launcher is open, or even without it? Because if it’s the latter, and no launcher-related processes (e.g. EVE or Vanguard) are running on your computer, the only way you could feel some kind of performance impact (that I can think of) is that you’ve filled your SSD to a point critical enough to affect I/O performance (meaning less than 10-15% of free space left, depending on the drive).


My SSD is running fine with plenty of space.

I suspect also OP might be running out of SSD space.

I had no problems running vanguard, system also works as it was before after I installed new launcher.

I also did not use SSD, intstead i used Seagate Exos 8TB disk for vanguard.
I was able to run game smoothly with RTX 3070 on ultra settings at 1920x1200.

I had very good experience playing vanguard.

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Window mode or alt tab full screen?

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