After todays EVE-update darkness everwhere

After today’s update 3D graphics of EVE is black everywhere, inside station as well as in space. I see the brackets and windows work too, I even can stear the non-visible ship. But all graphical content is just black.

I can recover it for some time if I change the graphic settings. But once I dock graphics disappears or freezes until you change graphic settings again.

Anyone else experiencing this or have found a solution for this?

Using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. What I noticed, that Nvidia drivers got updated too today to 384.111.

I’ve had black screen stuff that could be similar, turning off AA fixed it.

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What is “AA”?


Many Thanks! It works. I have GTX1050 and 390.65 version of the Driver.

Yep, turning off Anti-Aliasing seem to fix the issue. Thank you!

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