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Where has the agent finder gone?


To The Land of Wind and Ghosts.

The functionality (or some of it) was moved into The Agency window where you can select the kinds of agents and get some lists, but there is a lot of missing functionality, such as the kind of filtering and searching that you could do in the old Agent Finder. There are currently issues with R&D Agents not showing up as well.

One option is to use dotlan to look for specific agents and types, but this is a bit lacking as well compared to the old Agent Finder IMHO. Here’s an example:


Truly horrible.Beggars belief this is an improvment.Thanks for letting me know its place.Even the forums are now ugly.


Yeah, this was born from good intentions but a less-than-great implementation. Other items, such as some things from The Journal have been moved in there as well. Here’s the dev blog explaining all of the changes:

There has been some “spirited commentary” about these changes and some of the issues on the forums and some changes have already been made, but more are certainly needed to address all of the issues.

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Yeah, just gotta go old school and use 3rd party apps:

Eve Agents

Hidden Agenda Agent Finder.


As a casual player returning after a prolonged absence, I personally found the Agency addition to be a good way to get back into the swing of things. Nova Serine was my very first EVE pilot and while I amassed many skills and ships since first inception, it’s nice to just ease back into it at my leisure. EVE is still gorgeous and challenging, but the key is that each player take it at their own speed. Truly something for everyone and your journey is literally limitless, regardless of how you choose to get there.



Yeah the Agency is fine, but useless for what I used Agent Finder for. Now I have to go to the website to search by corp to find the closest desired faction agent to me. I didn’t use it much, but when I did use it, it was indispensable. Very lame.

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