How to Find R&D Agents as they are not in The Agency (Post Agent Finder Removal)

OK, found a way to locate R&D agents, (this is a “back” way).

Go to Character Sheet > Interactions > Standings

  • Select the Corporation (The corp, not the faction) you have standing for
  • Go to the Agents Tab, Select the Desired Level and there is a drop down if there is agents.

Hope This Helps!

Not so much as a “back” way as a backwards way. :roll_eyes::psyccp:

I could swear, I seen “Agent Finder” - button just yesterday. But today is it not here. Anyone with same bug?

Not A Bug, A Feature™

No joke, for real this time.

You should read the patch notes once more and very slow this time.

Agent Finder was removed from the game and functions “moved” to The Agency

Another way to find R&D agents in this post-finder world: Go to Dotlan, type in the corp you want, go to corp info window, click on “Agents”, search through the list with Ctrl+f and “R&D”. (Or just read it if you’re fast enough.)

this infuriated me when i finally found it in The Agency window… with it’s big ass buttons and horrible filters. i can’t just go straight to a corporation i like either, i have to select it’s faction first, then i can finally click my corporation.

I will miss the finder.
in the past: just select the faction, agent Type “R&D” and you have them all an the screen.
Now, you have to know at least the corporation. and search with… dotlan? We really dont have better solution as use third party tools?
Bad job ccp!

Why spend $$$, time and effort on something when third parties will do it for them for free? :neutral_face:

I am just so happy I know which corperation have R@D missions, I imagin it would be a nightmare for new players.
Assuming they ever figure out they exist.

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