Agent mission

how can i request info about mission, that i have accepted and not complite?
i need to controll all my characters to login and skip bad offers every 4 hours.

look under your journal, accessed via the neocom

oh) i mean use ESI API

What do you mean by bad offers?

I’m not sure if that info is available via ESI. But using eve survival or eve uni can give you mission info.

Location of agents makes a difference. Lower sec agents pay just slightly more isk lp and standings than a higher sec agent

This data isn’t currently available in ESI, see

EDIT: Technically that issue is just getting information on agents, not getting data about your current/past missions and/or their status. I’d maybe open another feature request specific to that.

bad offer its offer for mission, that i don’t want to do.
i can reject mission in every 4 hours and want to check all my character for reject bad mission and collect all god missions for all agents near my home station.

so its seems that “This data isn’t currently available in ESI”

Get your faction standing high enough and you can reject within the 4 hour window, you’ll take massive hits to agent and Corp but minimal hit to faction.

and it bring more problem if i lose stand with one of agents…
i check missions offers for long time, and want to do it more comfortable, i don’t want any change.

You need to actually log in to the game to do all of the interactions you are talking about; if you then need to remember which character have missions you want to reject I recommend setting a reminder for yourself with the list of characters you wish to cycle out. It doesn’t really make much sense to add the mission journal to the ESI for this purpose, because it is an extremely limited usage of the data and there are no legal automations that it would enable other than the previously recommended setting a reminder.

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As long as your faction standings are high you are good.

I’m apart of the United standings improvement agency and our runners typically reject missions within the 4 hours to be able to blitz the right ones, to raise standings for others

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