Aggro switching in Warzone Extractions

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today I encountered the following situation:
I entered a fresh warzone extraction site, and bumped the first wreck. Sleepers spawned, I started fighting them off. While I was fighting, another player in a Venture came in and started salvaging my Sleeper wrecks.
The remaining Sleepers did not switch aggro.
He continued salvaging.
The remaining Sleepers did not switch aggro.
He started bumping all the wrecks, new Sleepers spawned and attacked… - me.
He burned towards the spawned Container.
None of the Sleepers switched aggro. ONCE. EVER.
In the end I was having fun with tree full waves on my own, that piece of youknowwhat stole the Relic, flew around all over the site, salvaged the Wrecks and left the site in his Venture without a scratch while I was fighting for my life. Lucky I was in a passive 200hp/s Tengu and had over 6000 missiles.

I do not care about the salvage stealing anymore because you will never make stealing wrecks a crime and dont care about it anyway.
I also do not care about stealing the relic, he was faster than I was yada yada.

But could you please make the sleepers switch aggro, at least from time to time, so that being a cheapskate wreck and relic stealing lamer in those extraction sites has at least a minimum of risk involved?
That would be really nice.

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You should post in the feedback thread :grin:

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Well you have to hand it to him, he has found a neat way of completing the sites. :grinning:

I guess this comes down to the scripts that run the npc, you would be a bigger threat seeing as you were attacking their buddies. Not really sure what could be done that would lead to a possible exploit in some way, perhaps new groups auto aggro’ing on the closest target? :thinking:

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Let’s be honest, the Sleepers, unlike players, care little about killmails, if they see something big with guns they want it down, not a tiny thing with salvagers :sweat_smile: if the venture started remote reppin then yeah most likely they would be aggroed to the venture, cause they don’t like hitting something unkillable

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Thanks, will do that.

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sometimes the AI is very dumb. once I bumped the wrecks with my drake and the rats stood here. not attacking me until I opened the newly spawned container and attacked them.

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Did he just salvage the wrecks or take the contents? If it was the latter, fell free to kill him and await his return in a ship to kill you :slight_smile:

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