Sleeper scram/aggression mechanics in wormholes

Hi all.

I would consider myself an experienced wormholer having lived in a few in the last 10 years of my eve career.
I had a shamefully short conversation about this and other mechanics of the game with CCP_Nomad (effin legend) on Saturday of Fanfest but was dragged into another conversation leaving him hanging … So! SO! sorry for that.

TLDR: more scrams, spread scram, sleeper aggression is not balanced, cap-escalation on sub-caps harder

As so many ratters in wormholes rely on sleepers to scram just one target even if there are multiple sleepers making it incredibly reliable to get everything (except one ship) out of the site before any fleet lands one them. This can be made more reliable by bringing a boosher, fitted with burst jammer, to get aggro and the last ship warps out laughing. And in the unlikely scenario a “sabre” lands in the site, bubbles and the site switches instantly to the sabre and yeah, MJD or smartbomb the bubble and warp out.

What I’m suggesting is changing the sleepers behavior so that they spread scrams on ships in the site, add scrams to more sleepers in all wormholes sites.
Changing how the aggression works so that sleepers keep scramming what has been in the site for the longest.
Adding sleeper “captor’s” that have warp capability (similar like event sites), and aggression set to the largest ship in the site, to all capital escalations in C5 and C6 sites to make over-escalations harder on sub-capital ratting fleets.

I think that’s it, pew, dinner and RL interrupted my thinking.

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