Dynamic wormholes

So wormholes could have a threat level based on activity, that means the more activity there is in a wormhole (site running, pvp etc) then the higher the threat level will be.

This means that sleepers will mobilise and may spontaneously appear on grid to search for scouts or to take advantage of pvp. In combat anoms the site composition may change based on the threat level in the system, the higher the threat the more sleepers will spawn or different ships may appear that makes the site more difficult than its standard composition. Of course this does mean more

Sleepers could also start placing turrets in gas sites when activated as soon as they warp in, the sleepers change in gas sites so they aren’t just frigates and potentially contest the site as its ran or occupied at the highest levels. People who occupy wormholes would have to fight the occasional skirmish of sleepers and they may find their PI chains disrupted temporarily (without losing resources) or other passive activities if their system is consistently at the highest threat level. I’m sure there are other ways the sleepers could engage the players who continuously disrupt their wormhole systems

Or… Sleepers could move out the more people live in WH to force them to roam and encounter people outside their home hole where they font have a huge advantage already…
Just a thought.

I don’t care one way or another about the sleepers, but the threat level should not be visible to players.

Cool, I always wanted to buy a tengu for 10 isk.

That seems self evident, no?

Agree with @Nevyn_Auscent on this. We shouldn’t be encouraging people to sit in their hole and farm. We should be encouraging them to explore other systems.