Faction scrams to prevent gate jump and station dock?

As a means to force engagements both offensively and defensively could faction scrams be changed to prevent gate jumps and/or station docks? Station games and things like DICs bubble&jump&bubble strats are elite AF, but is it good for pressing engagements in a game where hitting a button throws you a whole system away from your hunter for no risk on a personal level.

Discuss, rate and hate

I am against this idea. See here’s the thing, in a hauler sometimes all you can do it burn towards gate and jump. It could be jumping back to where you came from or to the next destination as warp to landed you at 2600m from the gate.

Basically, it would become an I win button for any gate camp. Get a sensor boosted intercepted with one of the scrams and no one can get past.
It seems very unbalanced and over powered.

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Since when is having tackle on both sides of the gate elite PvP? I am a soloist noob, and that would be the first thing I would do if I was tackle or dictor in a fleet.

I disagree.

  1. hauling solo is asking for trouble ANYWHERE in the game. If CODE haven’t made it absolutely clear you can and will be killed in any ship any time then I cannot help you.

  2. Landing 2600m off a gate is no different than getting caught 15km off thanks to lucky spawn for the purposes of whether you can be targeted or not.

  3. A boosted interceptor will still have to get in relatively close because faction scrams don’t add that much extra range, interceptors don’t add that much extra range.

  4. Said faction scram user is holding a scram worth 50-100mil, 3pts of scram. WIth HIC infinipoint stopping jumps for capitals and being pointed stopping docking in citadels I’d say theres already a concentrated effort to acclimatise the playerbase towards scrams and points becoming more powerful.

In reality jumping while webbed and scrammed by 100 people and getting out of jail for free is overpowered. The relative levels of commitment is completely out of whack.

If you are scammed and webbed by 100 people, they failed. They should have only used 1 or two to initially aggress. Then the rest can follow you through the gate and catch you on the other side. So if they screw up, It’s on them.

Now you want to change that and make it idiot proof. Seems like a lazy design choice. If you have to change a mod to catch people, it’s not a good game design, especially considering Itcs worked well as is for ages.

And no, hauling solo is not asking for trouble. People do it successfully all the time. Both in high and low sec. CODE hasn’t changed that nor do they enter the picture. What you are asking for is simply over powered no matter who is trying to catch whom on gate.

And landing 2600m off gate is not the same as 15km. The former can happen using the basic warp to command. It has a tolerance built into the mechanic that means every once in a while, you end a little off. Your proposal would put those people at much more risk. Risk because of a random chance mechanic isn’t a good idea or popular. If you do land at 15km you were on autopilot and there is a big difference. And no, they can’t always jump through and catch you. The world isn’t all about hi sec ganking. Many groups stop at the low/hi sec line and can’t chance beyond.


Nope. Disagree. You got caught. Your whole position on this argument is “I want to maintain the status quo because reasons”.

How is that overpowered, it can easily countered. There are three methods outlined in this thread already(the third method is bumping the target off gate).

Other groups do this all the time, what is your issue with this.

And your argument is I want to change the game because reasons.

Nothing you have said indicates a need to have scrams be as powerful as you want. You didn’t catch a target, so you want a change. You’ve sighted no game abuse requiring this change, no great need, nothing more than your target escaped and you feel it’s not right. Sorry, still not supporting your idea nor are your counter arguments to mine making any impact.


Today at 6:31 PM
caleb legit question why do aussies love gate camping?

Caleb Seremshur - Today at 6:35 PM
i dunno, ask them
when we catch a target on a gate when we roam are we camping?
is it really fair that one person can necessitate 4 or even 5 people to catch him just because he hit a gate?
is spending 110 mil on a domination scram NOT enough to get the message across that “F U bitch you are caught”

  • Today at 6:36 PM
    why should you be able to camp a gate and stop players coming in
    honestly i agree with xxxx gate camping is cancer enough without buffing it

Caleb Seremshur - Today at 6:38 PM
if you want to talk about -gates- as a problem
then im prepared to talk
if you want to talk about gate camping
it would happen to varying degrees in any section of space
as you can plainly see
would gate camping increase? I dunno? maybe?
gate camping is this boogeyman that people pretend is everywhere
not all gates are camped
some gates are camped like he said for 6+ years
so nothing changes at all
some other gates like akidagi/ichoriya might see slightly more but why do people assume that it makes sense that scrams prevent escape everywhere else but gates and stations
tama? permacamped. amamake? permacamped. maila? permacamped

Today at 6:41 PM
so basically your saying if you spend 100 mil on a faction scram you should be able to prevent players from crashing gate, by that design no one could ever enter places like devle

Caleb Seremshur - Today at 6:41 PM
hed-gp? MOOE8? you can cite examples because they stand out thanks to being rare, not common, this game has over 7000 gates why are we basing the whole experience on 20 or 30

Today at 6:41 PM
giving i win button to groups who can spend big isk

Caleb Seremshur - Today at 6:42 PM
maybe sov owners should have the power to defend their space in a meaningful way. you can still cloaky interdicted t3c if you need
then cyno in your ■■■■
or take some other route
interceptor with 1.5s align time exist
all sorts of ■■■■ exist to get past

Today at 6:42 PM
until you have insta lock re sebo`d ships with faction scrams, instant lock

Caleb Seremshur - Today at 6:43 PM
with 11km range?
entire fleets of them?
on a regional gate?

Today at 6:43 PM
put faction scram on ceptor and heat is more then 11k

Today at 6:43 PM
You haven’t seen the ■■■■ I see in lowsec

Caleb Seremshur - Today at 6:43 PM
its 16.9 or so
on a captor

Today at 6:43 PM
yep thats a i win buton mate

Caleb Seremshur - Today at 6:43 PM
something with 6k ehp

Today at 6:43 PM
Whole multiboxed fleets of sebo’d gnosis with rsebo scythes

Caleb Seremshur - Today at 6:43 PM
whole fleets of them

Today at 6:44 PM
You underestimate people who multibox 10 alts with input broadcast for nearly 10 years now

Today at 6:44 PM
they are just rare

Today at 6:45 PM
They are

Caleb Seremshur - Today at 6:45 PM
very rare

Today at 6:45 PM
But they are obnoxiously active

Caleb Seremshur - Today at 6:45 PM
in what space

Today at 6:45 PM

Caleb Seremshur - Today at 6:45 PM
so a multiboxed fleet of sebo’d gnosis are a threat to what exactly?
solo players?
if i crash the gate with 20 dominixs what happens next

Today at 6:46 PM
Anything that isn’t more than 10 people

Caleb Seremshur - Today at 6:46 PM
what if i jump the gate with like 10 hurricanes
do you think id be scared of some gnosis

Today at 6:47 PM
Not to mention it’s not possible to make scrams prevent gate jump, normal ships don’t have allow gate variable like caps
G’luck getting CCP to change code for subcaps

Caleb Seremshur - Today at 6:49 PM
i dont think ccp have the technical skill to change anything at this point
its evident from their coding efforts lately they cant do it

Today at 6:49 PM
Just look at the code dump at Eve emulator on github
The code is garbage and 20 years of deprecation, there’s only so much that can be done without rewrite
Protip: server rewrite isn’t happening, ever

It affects smaller groups than bigger ones. A careful balancing act, you gatecamp with 3 people you get dropped by a blob was my gatecamp overpowered then? Or maybe shitters should try playing an MMO with friends when they roam hostile space or as my friend said trying to break in to delve well why should you be entitled to entry in sov space if they place the effort to protect the border? You have cloaky nullified t3c, instawarp interceptors, wormholes, cynos… anything else I forgot about? And you are saying that gatecamps are too dangerous? you mean those dozen gates in the whole game in the dangerous areas of space?

You make me sad.

I can already see the faction pointed proteus, lach, arazu, keres, navy maulus with resebo’d scythes on every LS entrance/exit.

This would suffocate logistics and roaming. Youd need to bring a blob everywhere just to move around.

Idk why inties are being mentioned, you dont need to worry if an inty scrams you. Its the brick tank prot or lach (that has you damped down) that is a concern.

HICs prevent gate jumps for caps, cause fatigue is a thing, and youre trying to force a fight through gating. Not play dumb station games or burning back/forth to gate. Its about committing that cap, not locking out a t1 wreathe from escaping. This is why you dont see this being applied to subcaps.

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Yes it is, if you get scrammed. Are your ships so slow they can’t passively roll 100m through their post-warp immunity to safety?

Yes, plated BS take an eternity to get out of warp and then accelerate to actually cross that 100m. More than enough time for a RESEBOd ship to lock it.

Then his real problem is probably getting caught on the other side huh, assuming he doesn’t just AB back to gate and jump again. This is partially why booshers exist, but not all ships are as slow as a double plated abaddon.

If im following you correctly, he would be scrammed and trying to burn back to gate right? A boosher wouldnt work if youre scrammed.

If scramming prevented gate jumping, then you couldnt boosh out, or jump out, youd just be stuck, which is fine for caps (cause theyre a scourge on EVE’s balance), not so much on subcaps that are just roaming or doing logistics. There isnt counterplay here, unless you always roam with 10+ people, which isnt practical when youre doing logistic runs.


By the same measuring stick I’d say that jump freighters are a scourge too, since they are so easy to use.

You could turn off scram for a second before the boosh completes which probably necessitates that the boosher is the guy with the faction scram and then its purely a player skill question which I’m fine with. If you mess up and lose a kill that’s the game working as intended.

Yes, absolutely.

Because the one thing that needs buffing in Eve is gatecamping. /sarcasm

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Read the damn thread

If you’re not talking about giving gatecampers additional ridiculously OP means to block people from using gates, make your top post a damn sight clearer.

This idea would make it even more difficult to solo which is bad. Not everyone likes big gangs.

It’s not a get out of free card, it’s a chance that you might get away, not a guarantee. And a 100 man fleet vs 1 guy is overpowered. The 1 guy needs that tiny little advantage of gate mechanics.


OP: What you’re suggesting would suck so bad. So so incredibly bad. Why anyone would want this is beyond me… Unless you only gatecamp.