Faction scrams to prevent gate jump and station dock?

No, it’s not that he wants gatecamping to be massively buffed. It’s that you didn’t read the thread properly. /sarcasm

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I think PvP needs to be made a lot more accessible eg by deleting local in 0.0 and changes to FW.

But gatecamping should be nerfed out of existence.

There is plenty of legitimate gate-oriented PvP that shouldn’t be affected.

Ideas I’ve had:

  1. Concorde patrol for gatecamps ie anyone sitting by a gate for > 5 mins. Won’t work in 0.0 or W-space.
  2. Gates tell you if there’s anything within 100km on the other side or if gate guns have fired. Would encourage pre-jump gatecamping and latter wouldn’t work in 0.0 or W-space.
  3. Probe launchers that can send probes through a gate/W-hole. People will rarely fit the former though.

Impressive, a straw man argument transitioning to an ad hominem attack.

I never said that gatecamping was overpowered. You said that jumping out of a camp was overpowered. I asked how.

Let me ask in another way. For CCP to add this feature would be for one of two reasons:
A) There is no way counter gate crashing using current mechanics
B) There is a issue with the current counters(not fun, too difficult, etc)

Since you yourself have listed one counter to gate crashing that crosses off A. So my question is this:

What issues exist with the current counters to gate crashing that would justify adding this mechanic?

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Tether mechanics should be given to stations. Gets rid of the most awful station games. However the current gate mechanics are fine as they are and it is still plenty possible to force engagements on them

I think it is a can of worms and doesn’t really benefit the game.

As far as docking I just think that is a no, -1.

As far as preventing Jump, i.e. Jump Scrambler, separate item from Warp Scrambler, maybe but lots of issues, touching a lot of ships as well.

Making it part of warp scram, no, too much, -1.

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