I'm interested in the new haulers, but

I’m a primarily single box and mostly solo player. I tried multiboxing with a scout/combat support ship for my hauling but as I’ve complained about in another thread or two that I made, my issue with multiboxing is not just the cost and expectations, it’s also that I just don’t find multiboxing entertaining. Making haulers with some combat ability is appealing to me because I figure it would make hauling stuff more interesting for my setup, but a problem remains!

The problem, in my mind, is that it has never made a lot of sense to me that you can’t jump through a gate after defending yourself. I would think that the timer would apply to people who do an attack, not to people who are defending themselves. If you still can’t jump after using your missiles in the new haulers, I think it would significantly reduce the point of having them for certain kinds of players.

I think this is significant because like, for those of us (probably most of us really) who multibox, it doesn’t matter because you have combat ships around too. But like, if you already had dedicated combat ships around, the new ships don’t actually change all that much. Sure, you could have them haul, but those resources could have just gone to more tank and then you actually get to jump them out, so why use them?

“But the new ships are just straight up better than the old ships, they can tank as well too”. I’ve read some people talking about this and well, I don’t think that is destined to last forever. Why obviate tons of the older ships? Surely that will be nerfed, or the older ships will be buffed, at some point? Unless CCP’s plan is to just make large sections of the game permanently useless, which wouldn’t make a lot of sense.

As such, I feel as if the best option is to just change the jumping mechanics already.

“But you could just cloak if you succeed in fighting them off, then wait out the timer”.

Yes, but that’s just boring. Why make us sit around cloaked waiting out the timer when we could just jump and get on with it?

Because 99% of the time (at least in high sec) you don’t get jumped coming up on a gate, you get jumped trying to warp away from it. No amount of firepower is going to save you from a gank in high sec anyway, especially in a hauler.


These new upwell ships will be the pirate faction of haulers. They will out perform the T1, and to an extent the T2, but be “balanced” through exorbitant costs, similar to other pirate faction ships.

The general effect of CCP adding new ships that require new skill points is a spike in demand for skill point injectors, which can be bought from the CCP Store (the NES, not the chinese isk sellers mind you), in addition to the FOMO of being “one of the first to fly the ship”, which leads to a slight dip in PLEX price as folks raise up some liquid isk to be ready to buy the ship at the super high initial cost.

The current jump mechanics with systems are separate entities is a cornerstone of how Eve has worked for two decades now. Changing that is a bad idea.

More options for fitting freighters and industrial ships, similar to how DSTs work, would be a much better option.
It also means that freighter alts will need to train skills to use T2 shield hardeners and ENAMS to most safely use the ship, getting the most EHP out of it.

Gotta love high sec players foaming at the mouth over the prospect of getting armed haulers. They’ve been asking for them for years, thinking they will somehow get them out of a gank. On the contrary, these ships will be gank magnets for quite some time after they are released.


It is not meant to be entertaining, it is meant for safety, to scout with a cheap ship rather than blundering through the woods in an expensive one.


But that is what you people wanted the whole time!!!

Look you are either fighting back, as you always wanted, or you are running away. You can’t have both.

Your assessment is spot on and is why haulers never had any offensive capabilities before. It is useless on them anyway. I suppose that this is another cater to the carebear crowd from CCP, but this time the wolf gets to eat and the goat stays whole. Smart move from CCP.


“We must embrace the oldest and noblest of pirate traditions. We must fight…to run away.” - Captain Jack Sparrow


That is correct, if you didnt get alphaed you are bmped 500km away from the gate. Vote for suspected timer after the ammount of x bumps in the last x secounds.


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WTF? they already prevented infinite bumping, the warp will complete in 3 minutes no matter what. What more do you want?


They want everything and even more. :wink:



Gankers already found a workaround :rofl:

Every 2.5minutes they ‘sacrifice’ a cheap frig to just cancel the warp and keep bumping. But the pilot of the Freighter has to re-initiate the warp and so they have another 3 minutes to log in / get ready their gankfleet.

I have yet to see that in practice… I watched quite a few freighter ganks in Sivala and none was abusing this strategy.

I have seen it just a few days ago in Uedama. Gankfleet was on fresh criminal timer and they held the target that way for like 20 minutes before they had set up everything to finally gank it.

Suicide Ganking is right: it’s suicide to fly a hauler :face_with_hand_over_mouth: