AI Based Bots

With AI programs being able to create life like comments and even songs using the voices of very popular artists, has CCP Games started the process of creating algorithms that are able to detect AI based comments made by AI when a real gamer starts a conversation with the bot?

I don’t a have a clue about how the program would actually work as I don’t get into AI Hacking, but eventually AI Hacking will become a thing. So how does CCP Games pre-position itself against AI Hackers to keep gamers coming back?

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It’s unlikely to get an answer to this question.

If CCP shares the measures they take against bots, it will become easier for the bot-makers to work around them.


CCP already has an AI Bot - rogue-ai on EVE Discord
ISD FlowingSpace is maintaining it

It is based on ChatGPT

What is the point ? People could very well just not answer to you.
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As for the OP. CCP likely doesn’t care.