AIR NPE - Improved New Player Experience

Forced to redo the tutorial…

What are “Abnormalities” ?

After Balin repair the ship, I can’t move the camera around, and can’t zoom in or out. Left and right click don’t do anything anywhere on screen, except if I specificaly click buttons highlighted in the Overview (Approach, Orbit, Target). Anything else is locked. Even the Track and Look At button aren’t responding to clicks, and I also tried Alt and C shortcut with no result.

Really not a great experience if I’m forced into a camera angle and can’t interact with the UI.

I see you made the destruction of the Astero much faster. You broke everything, except this that you fixed.

Killing the pod : there was an opportunity to AT LEAST TRY to escape. A missed opportunity to tell the newbros that once their ship is destroyed, they still have their pod and should try to warp out. But the story clearly want us dead, so Aura, even before the ship is destroyed, doesn’t even suggest warping out in the capsule, she just assume we die and that it is a learning experience. Learned what exactly ?

Waking up in a station. I can finally move the camera around. Clearly the tutorial locked me up. Did you locked the camera movement to help with the lagging issue many (including me) were facing last week ? If so, wrong approach : fix the performance of your video engine. It makes the tutorial useless as it does not represent the game properly.

Again… received that useless armor repairer from Calytrix for my Caldari character…

Overall, even though the tutorial was completed much faster (did you cut any part of it, or is it only that I had no lagging this time?), I strongly prefer the existing tutorial on Tranquility… Sadly, considering you might have invest quite a bit for the new one. Piloting that “civilian” Astero (with guns) didn’t help put joy this time (probably because I knew it would blow up and I would end up in a corvette (I love the look of the Ibis, but it is not the Astero))

The new Skill Plans window.

If I can understand having Gallente Industrials forced into all character following the “Industrialist - Hauler” skill plan, for their specialized hauling ships, I don’t see why you force Caldari Destroyer to all character following the “Industrialist - Salvager” skill plan. All empires have their turret destroyer version and it’s not like the Cormorrant have bonus for salvaging. The Catalyst, Coercer and Trasher do just as good.

Other Skill Plans have their Empire version detected and offered to the player, like “[Amarr/Caldar/GallenteiMinmatar] Explorer - Treasur Hunter”, same for Enforcer and Soldier of Fortune.

Skill Catalogue

Something VERY important is missing from this window : time to train the next level (on the left side, where you add the skill to the queue. Not the queue itself).

Since we only have 24 hour queue for Alpha pilots (and I assume most players, and particularly NEW players are Alpha pilots), knowing the time to complete a skill level is crucial to optimize your skill queue.

It’s a big loss in the UI to not have that.

Anyway, even on my Omega account, I want to (as much as possible) order my skill queue from the fastest to the longest duration.

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So I managed to play through the entire NPE sequence without any bugs. It’s very nice and flashy, but I do hope you’re working on updating the missions and story arcs in the rest of the game to this standard…