Akadeimia Keipouron: We'll teach YOU HOTT Space-Knowledge Sexytimes!

Recruitment is open! Come fly with us and learn that the real #gudfites are the friends you make along the way!
I mean, blowing the reds to smithereens is pretty cool, too.

So I’m not the new kid anymore and I explode at least 10% less. Come and join us and pad your killboard with lovely green marks you neither understood or really earnt. Hooray!

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He’s right! Suto’s been a great pilot, and we’re happy to have him with us! Look at his killboard, he’s been shooting lots of hostiles right in their stupid face, and it’s been great!
But he did earn those killmarks, because he’s grown as a pilot and so can you! Come join us! Recruitment is open!

Recruitment is open! Our corp is always there by your side, at the ready with inspiring dog memes to help you on your EVE journey! #majestic

Recruitment is open! There is an alarmingly large spider right next to me here in my quarters, but I don’t care because I am laser-focused on helping you on your EVE journey!

Recruiting is still on going please stop by the discord for more info.

Always looking for new faces stop on by and have a chat to see what we are all about.

Recruitment is open! I had a bit of a blackout there, but I just woke up under the gangway in some backwater Gallente station, got cleaned up, found religion, and I have renounced that dissolute lifestyle and am ready to work hard to bring you knowledge and personal growth again!
Thanks to my corpies for covering for me in my recent absence to prevent any ugly rumors about unseemly habits from circulating! Let’s not talk about all that recent unpleasantness!

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Recruitment is open! Remember: when you’re in space and things get weird, we’ll be there to help! Whether it’s “HOTTT sexytimes” weird or “ohnoes” weird, it doesn’t matter! We’re adaptable to every circumstance! Even the ones with the peanut butter and baked beans!

What’s that Rorqual? I can’t hear you 'cos you’re exploding. BAI!

Come and fly with us o7

Recruitment is open! If you, too, want to gain the important life skills you’ll need to thrive in nullsec (it’s mostly about learning to love yourself, but also a whole lot of shooting!), you’ve come to the right place!

Recruitment is open! Don’t believe all the hype that nullsec is some scary place full of death and failure where only the most |337h4rdc0r3 players can survive! We can bring you out into nullsec within days of starting your EVE journey, and you will grow and thrive here!
The key to survival is good friends to help you along the way, and dog memes.

Recruitment is open! Let’s make biscuits!

Recruitment is open! If you’re looking to “discover yourself” in your EVE journey, we’re happy to help you grow and learn! We won’t even mind when you try the weird stuff with the “vision quest” and the ill-advised mixing of various drugs, because we love you and support your choices!

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yo… im still trying to figure out the coms in this game… how do i get in touch with you guys? i would like to apply for some sexytime

Hi rylai!

there’s a link at the top to our Discord! You can come there and chat with us! We’re your friends, really! We’re not like the others! Check us out here: https://discord.gg/7ggZZ5f.

See you soon!

Recruitment is open! Provi is a great place to live and work! There are always things going on, always figh- uh, content to be had, and great people! It’s great, especially the part with the baked goods, and the ship-swapping parties that make you feel confusing and exciting feelings!

Recruitment is open! Let’s talk about celebrity fashion crimes!

Recruitment is open! We run noob-friendly training fleets every Saturday! Come fly with us and learn all sorts of important lessons about friendship, believing in yourself, and shooting reds right in their stupid face, with rockets!

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Recruitment is open! We’re always here for you, and we’d never judge your life choices (but we might want to have a conversation about your social-media habits, because we love you and want you to have a healthy and fulfilling life).

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