Akadeimia Keipouron: We'll teach YOU HOTT Space-Knowledge Sexytimes!

Recruitment is open! Join us for HOTTT pvp fleet sexytimes! Don’t worry! We’ll make sure you’re comfortable with it, because we are loving and attentive to your needs!

Are u still looking for more corp to join up

Please contact us in our chat for more discussion
**Public Channel: {-WHNE-}'s JunkYard

Recruitment is open! And we are open to new experiences! We’ll try anything once, because like that famous guy once said: “once a philosopher, twice a pervert”! I’m not sure what he meant about that second part, because I have low standards and no moral compass, but I think he means we shouldn’t feel ashamed about all that stuff we do at our corp meetings, and that’s good enough for me! Try it, you might discover you like it!

Recruitment is open! Let’s make biscuits together! And that’s not even some weird metaphor! Nice fluffy biscuits for breakfast! It’s the best!

(though, now that I think about it, I remember the words of a famous poet: "homegirls, for once, forget you got class. See a guy you like? Just grab 'im in the biscuits!)

Recruitment is open! Regular HOTT pvp sexytimes! We teach you how, so you don’t have to feel awkward!

(unless you’re into feeling awkward. We don’t kinkshame)

Recruitment is open! Try our conceptual make-up palettes! One of them just might be what finally turns things around for you! Or you might be interested in one of our “statement” accessories"

But you can always fly with us and learn pvp, because we’re here to help, and we love you and want you to do well in New Eden.

Recruitment is open! Drop by and enjoy our specially curated collection of dog memes, served up just for you!

Recruitment is open! Come fly with us and learn valuable skills! Learn about that “pee vee pee” all the kids are talking about! Learn all the latest celebrity news! Learn an important lesson about friendship! Learn how to work out your feelings, by shooting reds right in their stupid face, with missiles! We’re here to help you with your personal growth, because we love you.

Recruitment is open! Try the breakfast bar! Remember, it’s not “brunch” unless you’re three mimosas deep and scream-crying about this new fashion trend you just read about! We’ll help you serve #looks but will also teach you how to shoot reds right in their stupid face, with missiles!

Recruitment is open! Public NRDS pvp sexytime roams every Saturday! Just ask us how to join; we’ll set you up with ships and help you experiment with all those exciting and new feelings you’ve been having lately!

Recruitment is open! Come fly with a group of dedicated pilots, who are here to help you be your very best in EVE! We’ll practice pvp things, but also nullsec things, and furthermore will have long heartfelt conversations about life-choices if you need it, because we love you and want you to be happy.

Recruitment is open! Come learn ALL THE THINGS.

Recruitment is open! Come fly with us and learn about pvp, how to get rich in nullsec, and how to discover and/or learn to love your True Self as we go on a magical adventure of self discovery! The real treasure was shooting reds right in their stupid face with the friends you made along the way!

Recruitment is open! Today’s lesson is brought to you by Quafe™ brand Quack-Os®! I know you’re probably thinking it’s some sort of duck-themed snack/breakfast cereal, but it’s actually just powdered wood pulp with a lot of sugar and some proprietary chemicals with undeclared side-effects! We’re not sure if it’s safe for human consumption, but we’re happy to take giant piles of corporate-sponsorship money, because we’d do anything to bring you the very best lessons in internet spaceships!

Recruitment is open! If you feel like you’re lost in this universe, maybe because New Eden is really big or just because you read about a celebrity divorce, don’t despair! We’re here to help you find your way in these challenging times!

Recruitment is open! Come find out about the part with the exotic skin-care routines!

Recruitment is open! Every Saturday at 13:00 we have a HOTT PVP Roam Sexytimes Fleet for you to join and get some experience! Are you interested in the shooty part? Not sure how to do Fleet Things? Join this fleet and you can learn! I walk you through everything and explain how it works, so you never feel lost and confused!
See you soon!

Recruitment is open! Very good doggos for everybody! \o/

Recruitment is open! Come try our experimental exercise routine! Brought to you by Quafe™ Light®, you won’t believe the shape you’re in once you complete our custom two-week regimen! Learn to love the new you!

Recruitment is open! Join our great team of pilots, learn all the things, and have a great time! Fly in my fleets, where I explain things calmly and clearly, because apparently I have an “ASMR voice”, whatever that is, and it’s very relaxing! I’m very confused by all of this, but it sounds good so I endorse it!