Akadeimia Keipouron: We'll teach YOU HOTT Space-Knowledge Sexytimes!

Recruitment is open! If you are looking for a place where nobody minds when you get all hot and bothered about “ewar” or “drone fic,” look no further! At AKS we’ll never “kink shame” you for your enthusiasms, because we love you.

Recruitment is open! Don’t worry! Once you’re with us a few months, you’ll barely even notice anymore when things get weird!

Recruitment is open! There’s an experimental muffin-concept exhibition every first Sunday of the month! Don’t miss it! You’ll be shocked at how our pilots deconstruct meaning in breakfast pastries!

Recruitment is open! Now also hiring fashion models for our latest line of concept hairstyles! Don’t worry, all the scene kids will be wearing it like this next season! Be ahead of the trend!

Recruitment is open! Please enjoy the dog memes, but always in moderation!

Recruitment is open! If you’re feeling lost, and confused about things, don’t worry! It’ll all make sense when you complement your EVE experience by shooting reds, right in their stupid face, with missiles!

Recruitment is open! If reading about “e-war” gives you lots of new and confusing emotions, don’t worry! We’re just the place to help you sort out your newfound enthusiasms! We’ll never kinkshame you about it, because we love you and want you to be happy.

Recruitment is open! Remember, sometimes all you need is to try new things to bring that spark back into your life! Something simple like a new breakfast routine, or experimenting with conceptual fashion trends, or shooting reds right in their stupid face, with missiles, is all you need to turn things around!

Recruitment is open! Wheeeeeeeeeee!

Recruitment is open! Remember, experimental poetry happens every second Friday of the month! You’ll be confused and amazed!

Recruitment is open! If you’re wondering how changing up your breakfast-pastry habits can bring about a whole new way of living, drop by and find out how! Live your best life!

Recruitment is open! When you visit AKS, you’ll discover a whole new universe of new and confusing experiences! Don’t be scared, you’ll be fine, even when things get weird! We’re there to help you on your journey of discovery, because we love you.

Recruitment is open! We’ve got those cakes you like!