Akkoro [AKKOR] - USTZ NPC 0.0 Corp looking for Small Gangers and Whaling Enthusiasts

[This is Akkoro]

First Corp Whaling Op Was a Success
Corp Killboard
Fun Times With Friends

Our corp name is short for Akkorokamui, the Japanese Kraken. As our namesake suggests, we prefer hunting down large prey and devouring them before disappearing back into the darkness. If you enjoy going after the biggest targets Eve Online has to offer, this is the corp for you.

We’re a tight knit USTZ corp with a passion for whaling, black ops, and small gang pvp. We currently reside in NPC 0.0 in Stain, but have also have a base in Providence, as well as access to a C2-C5/NS. Doesn’t matter what kind of content you’re looking for, we’ve got it!

[What We Offer]

  • CONTENT FOCUSED! We’re a pvp corp, first and foremost. Our leadership team has extensive experience leading blops and whaling fleets AND Providence is also one of the MOST ACTIVE pvp regions in the entire game. Between our wh statics, thera whaling fleets, and Provi brawls, there’s always things to blow up.

  • VERY FEW BLUES! Tired of the blue donut and not interested in flying through 10 regions to find something to shoot at? We have one of the shortest blue lists in nullsec. Anything outside of Providence is available for destruction :smiley:

  • New to pvp? That’s ok! As long as you have a willingness to learn and train into corp doctrines, we’re happy to show you the ropes and learn more about how we choose to pvp.

  • [akkoro chapter 1 btw]

  • Laid back atmosphere! We take our content seriously, but that’s it.Fly or feed whatever you want!

  • Plenty of isk making opportunities! You’ll have access to great moons, high class wh space, ratting, PI, indy infrastructure, and members familiar with Abyssal Deadspace.

  • The usual stuff like SRP, discord, mumble, etc

[What Do We Expect]

  • Be active! RL comes first, but we like people who contribute to the community.
  • Have at least 10m SP (this is flexible depending what you can fly)
  • Have a mic
  • A desire to blow ■■■■ up
  • Don’t be a dick, and don’t be toxic.
  • Most of all, have fun :slight_smile:

If this sounds like fun to you, drop [Moonapoon] a line OR drop by our discord and let’s have a chat


bump! :slight_smile: slowly growing!


we’ve been busy this week! come hang out :slight_smile:

35b down, come hang out with us :slight_smile:

35b killed :slight_smile:

great weekend to come say hi :slight_smile:

come say hi!

Hel down :smiley:

epic cap/super/titan brawl over the weekend

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