We’re a fast growing, tight knit corp in search of chill people to join our community and have fun with .


Akkoro is a pvp focused corp based in Stain with a passion for small gang, black ops, and whaling. Don’t know what whaling is? It means we like to hunt for supercaps, titans, rorquals, capitals, etc with Triglavian or black ops fleets.

We’re also friends with [FWAMING DWAGONS], and have assets staged in their C2-C5/NS Wormhole. We like to join up with them for small gang content from time to time.


  • CONTENT! We have a little bit of everything. Big kills, black ops, kiki/ikitursa/drekavac fleets, small gang pvp, gate camping, dreadbombs. If your idea of fun pvp is anything not involving being anchored on a Monitor or shooting a structure, we’re doing it!

  • VERY LITTLE BLUES! Our blue list consists of three alliances and a couple of smaller corps. That’s it! If you’re looking to ditch the blue donut, pretty much everyone is fair game!

  • COMMUNITY! We’re big on community here. The leadership team has been best friends out of game for more than 10 years. We hang out on comms and in discord whenever we’re around, so there’s always people to hop on with. The Stain community is quite active as well and there’s a standing, roaming small gang fleet all the time. Our corp is mostly USTZ, but most of stain is split between EU and US, which means there’s ALWAYS people to hang out with.

  • INDUSTRY! We run Sansha missions and do a bit of exploration. Stain is also one of the most lucrative regions in the game!

  • CORP BUYBACK! We run a corp buy back on all PI, minerals, moon goo, abyssal loot, and Sansha LP at fair prices.

  • GREAT PLACE TO LEARN! Doesn’t matter if you’re a returning vet or someone looking to level up their pvp game, we’re a great place to be.

  • RL FIRST! This is a game, the point is to have fun with friends. No timers, no space obligations.


  • PVP FOCUSED! We want pilots who enjoy being in space blowing things up.

  • At least 15m SP. Exceptions can be made for promising candidates.

  • Willingness to train into corp doctrines if needed, including Triglavian ships.

  • Be active and contribute to the community

  • Be chill. The less drama, the better.

  • Have a mic

  • Not a spy

If you’re looking for a small, tight knit community that’s having a lot of fun together, come check us out!

Videos -
Recruitment Vid

Akkoro Chapter 1 Recap

Recent Whaling Fleet

Recent fleets -

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