Alarm Clock

Built-in alarm clock/reminders app, like the Notepad app, that reminds me to put the things in my hold so I don’t do 20 jumps for nothing.

The memories. Alarm clocking to inject skills used to be a thing in the game, because there was no skill queue.

Just like back then, but even more so now, there are plenty of out of game tools that can assist us all to remember.


LMAO I have a problem with this too! I actuallly have a written-down preflight and execution checklist that I use, very simlar to the checklist system of airliners.

Skills: Can I fly this ship/do I need implants that I don’t have (like powergrid/CPU implants)?
Strategy: Do I have a planned strategy, and can it compare to ships of the current meta?
Correctly fitted: Check rigs, modules, guns, and specific variations of each.
Module Order and Arrangement: Is my ship optimized for minimal heat damage?
Cost: Can I afford to lose this?
Implants: Do I have implants in/are they the correct ones?
Ammo: Do I have ammo in the guns?
Ammo: Do I have all of the desired variations of ammo IN SUFFICIENT QUANTITIES?
Ammo: Do I have charges for the tank plus plenty of reload?
Ammo: Do I have Drones?
Ammo: Do I have the combat boosters that I want?
Ammo: Do I have Nanite Repair Paste in sufficient quantities to repair heat damage?
Insured: Is it insured (I almost always used to forget this one)?
Renamed: Does my ship name give away my strategy or make me appear like more of a threat?
Snazzy: Do I have mr preferred SKIN? Can I fly into battle with a cool livery and personal pride?
Login/Reward Boosters: Which combat boosters are available for use?
Undock: Recieve pushback clearance and prepare to load the grid.

Danger: Are there hostiles present? If yes, either dock up or warp to an insta-undock point.
Warp-Off: Travel to a station to tether at, or go to a bookmark to safely complete checklists.
Fuel Conservation: Unload the repair modules.
Hotkeys: Are my keyboard shortcuts set up correctly?
Preflight II: Do I have charges, drones, ammo, drugs and nanite in the hold? Is my SKIN applied?
Module Grouping: Are my guns stacked, and are my modules optimally rearranged on the HUD?
Module Operation Check: Test the function of your modules and drones using the hotkeys.
Rep Cycle: Operate your repair modules to gauge their cap usage. It varies on different ships.
Reload: Load your repair modules and make sure your guns have maximum ammunition.
Preset: Set your default keep-at-range/orbit ranges according to your strategy outlined in 1B.
Rotate, Positive Rate, Gear Up: Have fun! Go kill some stuff!

Observe: Identify attacking vessels and their basic configurations. If unknown, disengage.
Situation: Take note of the number of people in Local.
History: If time allows, check the zKillboard history of potential attackers.
Preset: Set default keep-at-range/orbit distance for particular attackers.
Login Rewards: Activate any boosters you may need, keeping conflicting slots in mind.
Systems Review: Are you prepared to activate all modules? Do you need to remember drones?
Boosters: Take any combat drugs deemed viable or necessary for the situation.
Engage: Engage!

If anyone has suggestions for improvement, I would love to hear them.

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