Aldranette Federal Security Conference: Invitation to all Candidates: Feb 1

Aldranette IV - Nouvelle Liberté Colony

Villore Accords Vessel Pugatio en route to Nouvelle Liberté Space Port

Julianus Soter stands on the wing blade of the Federation Navy Comet class vessel, Pugatio, as it is docked in the hangar of the Nouvelle Liberté spaceport. The hangar deck is crowded with militia personnel and common citizens from across the surface of the planet as he addresses the public, and several camera drones floating about capturing the images in real time for all of the frontier.

Fellow citizens of the Federation. It has been too long since I have visited your worlds here in Aldranette. In the last tidal wave of Caldari aggression, this system was taken six months ago. But this month, we have come back to make sure that every citizen is safe and free. And here we shall stand. And here we shall remain. We stay to fight for and uphold those sacred values that are more dear to us than any god, or any amount of money, or any other thing in this universe.

The Caldari State and their State Protectorate militia supporters have trampled on the freedoms of our border districts, our planets, our colonies, and our people, for far too long. Every atrocity they have inflicted, every injustice they have carried out if merely the symptom of their depraved and corrupt philosophy that life, and human dignity, has no worth in this cluster, beyond the labor and the sweat and the blood that person can yield.

The Federation stands for something greater. Something better. The Federation stands for the ideal that every human life has meaning, and should be treated equally, as the opportunity for the advancement of our species lies within all of us. That is what is at stake. If we are to falter now, we risk endangering the progress of the past thousand years. We risk backsliding into the recesses of history, into the kleptocratic ways of the State or the pseudo-feudalistic ways of the Empire.

That is why this election, above all others, is so important. It is an opportunity to chart a new course for all our peoples, Intaki, Mannar, Jin-Mei, Gallente, Minmatar, and all others within our borders, to the future. We have a chance to take our vast economic and social might, and make something that shall last for the next thousand years.

We are beset on all sides by doubt, by chaos, by disruption, and by uncertainty. We see the Triglavian Collective, with its alien language and ways, and their violence inflicted upon our people. We see the Caldari State and Amarr Empire throwing aside all pretense and inflicting grave injustices on free peoples of New Eden. We see the CONCORD Assembly and Inner Circle, with their Cryptocrats hiding away the knowledge of the Triglavians, the Drifters and the Jove Empire, attempting to cover up their own crimes while taxing and directing us to do their bidding.

It is in times like these, that I invite all candidates of the Federation Presidential Election to come here, to Nouvelle Liberté, Aldranette Four, and discuss these topics. I invite all concerned citizens of the Federation to bring their questions and their worries to me and my fellow candidates.

Any candidate that truly intends to speak for all Federation citizens, must answer these questions, and alleviate the public’s concerns. More now than ever before, we are in a time of crisis. We need answers. We need truth. We need honesty.

We are preparing the facilities here as we speak. I await the Candidate’s reply. The Aldranette Federal Security Conference shall take place this weekend, February First, 20:00 standard time. Let us see what comes of it.

For the good of the Federation. For the People. For freedom and all our futures.

Thank you.



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Can we get some answers, truth and honesty as to why Villore Accords have bowed at the feet of WANGS pirates and have now started killing their fellow Gallente Militia pilots? Pilots who are committed to fighting for the freedoms and safety you espouse in your campaign.

Because, just like this Soter person, they also just want to wage war instead of living prosperous and calm lives. This Soter person is a warmonger, just like the Caldari that he condemns.

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Zhalyd Lyehin, Mantis Jakuard, Since you all are so kindly asking about our continuously ongoing paramilitary operations in low-security border space, I would like to remind you, since neither of you have ever traveled to such territories, that the astropolitical situation in these regions are quite complex. And it is that complexity that has equipped me to handle the ongoing threats facing the Federation.

For example, let me ask Billy Daniels this question, why was the Armageddon-class battleship of AIderon Robotics shooting the Gallente Militia members of the fleet in the above highlighted report? It was because they have attempted to ally themselves with a bitter enemy of the Gallente Militia while it shares and operates a vast network of structures with the Caldari State Protectorate inside our borders, behind our front lines, in Placid Region.

These structures must be removed if we are to finally achieve proper security in these territories. However, Aideron Robotics, as part of their current diplomatic posture, has allied with the Hobos in an effort to gain vengeance for part of their conflict with RDRAW and Black Fox Marauders’s alliance.

Additionally, our diplomatic efforts with Aideron Robotics are ongoing. Our representations have been made to your CEO, “Baynex”, and he has accepted our posture and reciprocated that. That posture includes the explicit prohibition of direct combat between Gallente Militia parties outside of this ongoing proxy conflict.

All of this has caused much drama. But it is not the purpose of this thread. I will kindly request that all future comments be related directly to the proposed Federal Security Conference. All future off topic comments will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

Finally, if any do wish to attend the Federal Security Conference, I have created a NEOCOM communications channel, “Federal Security Conference”. Please join as we continue to prepare and plan for this weekend’s critical discussions.

General Soter must be more ruthless in dealing with the Caldari scum!!!

For the record, in a battle two days prior to this engagement AIDER pilots assisted in the destruction of two GMVA battleships, one piloted by myself. Combat records of that battle show that AIDER pilots engaged in free fire against GMVA ships, while no GMVA pilots are recorded to have applied damage to the numerous AIDER ships lost in combat during the engagement.

After the fight, I reached out to AIDER directly to express my concern that GMVA’s policy of not shooting friendly militia was not reciprocated by AIDER. It was made clear that AIDER would continue to view any pilots flying in Wangs fleets, even against known Caldari loyalist groups like I-RED, and their own pirate allies, as hostile. GMVA rules of engagement were modified accordingly. GMVA even communicated that directly to AIDER’s leadership and even its line members via shared “Allied” communication channels.

If you feel there has been insufficient explanation of the unfortunate current circumstances between AIDER and GMVA you have nobody to blame but AIDER’s leadership. GMVA has been completely transparent.

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GMVA wouldn’t exist without WANGS, most propped up useless alliance in LS, at least AIDER doesn’t bow down to the WANG.

Low effort troll is low effort. GMVA was successful and thriving long before WANGS even existed. The truth is I care a lot more about the success of AIDER as a partner in the Gallente Militia than you ever will, troll.

This kind of split loyalty is foolish and dangerous. We dealt with a very similar situation regarding INIT and Snuff after Snuff withdrew from the Imperium. It caused significant stress between coalition members until Snuff ceased operations. My advice is: if you only cooperate with groups on a limited basis, don’t be in the same fleet. If you’re in the same fleet as enemies to the rest of your militia, expect to be treated as anything from suspect allies to collaborators.

That would be good advice for AIDER to consider as well. GMVA and Wangs have cooperated to accomplish shared strategic objectives for years while AIDER has been in and out of the warzone. The current campaign against Hobos / I-RED started before AIDER’s falling out with Wangs. AIDER even helped us in the past, before switching sides to get revenge against Wangs. They could sit this conflict out as easily as we could. In reality, Wangs are friends with everyone else currently in Gallente Militia except AIDER.

Due to ongoing Cluster-wide communications disruptions, this event is postponed until tomorrow, same time.


Julianus Soter
Candidate for the Presidency of The Federated Union of Gallente PRime


Hahah you little soldiers with your itty bitty wars.

Like that ■■■■ matters. Only ISK does. It’s all corrupt. Lies. Ha.

But more targets for everyone is good, so don’t stop!

In order to better communicate the issues to the wider public, I will be hosting this week’s Federation Security Conference on February 9th, 2000 standard time. Come and discuss the future of the Federation with your fellow citizens, together.


Julianus Soter
Candidate for the Presidency of the Federated Union of Gallente Prime

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