Orvolle Soter For President Election HQ Astrahus

Following a large scale assault on many candidates for the Presidency of the Gallente Federation, I have hereby recalled all military personnel of the Villore Accords alliance, regardless of rank, and issued immediate orders for all support staff to prepare for combat. This outrageous attack against the constitutional order of the Gallente Federation must be opposed. We stand upon the brink of the worst crisis in Federation history.

I call upon all loyal citizens and friends of the Federation to stand with us this day. Allied organizations please contact Villore Accords military command via secured FTL routers to coordinate our response.

Soter out.


What are the odds that Roden orchestrated this, fabricated a crisis in order to strengthen his power?


Last news. Just now.

Villore Accords Military Command - Titania Astrahus class citadel

This situation is grave. We are mobilizing all ground and space forces to support official Gallente Federation security operations in any way necessary.

You think only Roden is capsuleer?
Just look how Soter squirmed here:

Even blamed me in all the nonsence his empty head could dream of, right after I pointed out these attacks happened only after capsuleer joined the presidential race. :sweat_smile:
Here’s more likely candidate for you, and not only for the president’s chair!

Terrorist attacks are for the weak minded fools who have no guts to actually fight.

Good luck with everything, pals.

A.K.A. Gallente Politicians.


Operational Update
Intaki V - UNF Intaki Logistics Support Raitaru

I can now report that GMVA Planetary Forces Command has reestablished direct contact with our expeditionary forces deployed to the surface of Intaki V. Both the 1st and 2nd Infantry Battalions of the GMVA “Villers Brigade” had been partially demobilized to assist in ongoing relief and rebuilding efforts following the LDPS withdrawal from the planet. Reports from civilian authorities are chaotic, but Villers Brigade commanders have confirmed via secure line of sight comlink that all GMVA personnel have been accounted for.

Emergency mobilization protocols were immediately activated by our command team on the ground upon news of the terrorist attack on the Intaki Assembly chambers. GMVA forces stand ready to support Intaki Militia, FDU and Federal Marine operations on the planet. In light of the ongoing disruption of FTL communication networks, GMVA Planetary Forces Command has authorized local commanders to use lethal force in support of security operations under the orders of the above mentioned authorities.

As always, GMVA stands ready to defend the security of the Federation, and the sovereignty of its members. This attack is both a heinous assault on the people of many member worlds, and the very foundation of democracy throughout the Federated Union. We will not allow this outrage to go unanswered. Whether this enemy is foreign or domestic, we of the Villore Accords will not rest till they are defeated.

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Even blamed me…

No where in the discussion linked did Soter blame you. He called for you to be removed for advocating for military action after attacks on a civilian populous. You either suffer memory loss, dementia, or are a revisionist. The State would endanger itself and the rest of New Eden by allowing someone with those afflictions to fly combat ships.

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While I do find it plausible that Soter might have known about the attacks beforehand (and this being how he managed to avoid being listed among the casualties), he doesn’t strike me as the type that would resort to these measures. I find him more trustworthy than Roden.

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You don’t need to guess what Soter would do if he’d known about these attacks. He has been personally denounced by the Black Eagles in the past for blowing the whistle on their activities. That’s what he did before the disaster at Colelie, that is what he has tried to do with the Triglavian coverup, and that’s what he will always do when those who threaten Gallente lives cloak themselves in secrecy.

If I had to guess why Soter wasn’t targeted like the other candidates I’d say probably has something to do with the fact that he tends to fly heavily armed combat ships in an active warzone.

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He baselessly blamed me in being 1) scum 2) cretin - which obvious false in both cases. Besides that he falsely attributed me with profession of terrorist, which belongs more to him, than me, and in political alignment of fascist, that again suits him way better.

And unlike describing Soter where and why he used words that describe him better than myself, in your case I can comment that with simple “NO YOU”. Why simple? Because I really don’t feel explaining stuff to such simpleton trolls like you.

And have a nice jam, which I hope will prevent you posting any further mental diarrhea.

He is a henchman of a warmongering criminal regime, built on brainwashing people into ideals of idencency, freedoms, democracies and other ideals that people who are able to think critically would never follow. He fights for the regime that tortures prisoners of war on a regular basis, he fights for the regime that attacked and now halfly occupies a homeworld of another souvereign nation, he fight for regime that commits genocide, starts capital fights in vicinity of civilian population, speaks highly about freedom and democracy himself like a brainwashed zealot… yes, that’s pretty much enough to attribute it to him. Add to the pile that he’s already a capsuleer, and capsuleer tendency to “ignore” existing many baseliner lives. If he suicide, for example, his own boat, what would hold him from killing some people around his target in the political struggle? Besides, he already shown himself as a terrorist in the Okkamon.

But, of course, I do have to agree with you that Roden could did this either. After all, it was Roden’s administration that executed that war crime known as operation Highlander.

They both do have these sort of personalities to do this type of attacks and on these particular targets.

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For the record, the troll posting in this thread isn’t worthy to call herself Caldari, much less hold rank under the State. This troll is a member of a corporation that openly affiliates with terrorists who have been declared enemies of the Caldari State, the Templis Draganaurs. Further more, the troll has is a proven traitor who has attacked State Protectorate forces in pursuit of a personal vendetta.

It is best to ignore the troll, who continually posts raving madness and invective against GMVA because our continued success is something it can never equal.

Not to stoke this fire any more, but supplemental reading can be found in the segment below.


At any rate, one hopes the Federation can get right back on track soon enough. I’ll not suffer the delay of the presidency for too long; I know some people were concerned about Roden trying to consolidate.


President Roden has spoken on the subject of the recent attacks. According to the President, intelligence reports indicate that General Soter was a target along with all the other candidates. GMVA forces maintain our readiness posture to respond in force to any further aggression.

Julianus Soter,
Your increased jingoistic exploitation of the Federation elections; and gauche, populist littering of systems (including those which rightfully belong to The State) with your attempts at campaign advertisements, is unacceptable. If your motivations lead to increased conflict and loss of life on our border we will not forget to hold you responsible.

As with the CEO who overburdens their corporation with debt in the pursuit of pushing the leading competition out of business: if you stoke the fires of a war the Federation cannot win then rest assured that you shall receive your just deserts. Either by our hands or those of your own electorate.

Caldari loyalists, let us make a firm stand here.

As you may have seen in the recent news, the Gallente Federation, as well as the other core Factions to some degree, have been experiencing some violent political and terrorist turbulence recently. There have also been reports of increased defensive activity along the borders, no doubt as a precaution to escalation.

However this situation may develop I would like to reaffirm my commitment to protecting the Caldari State and all its allies. I encourage The State’s allies to join me and continue to commit force to show the Gallente Federation that we are prepared for any resulting dynamics in the warzone.

Remember, it is our strength in free enterprise which allows us to evolve swiftly and effectively to new threats and opportunities, and our shared patriotism to this cause can keep us thriving and abreast of any unfortunate developments.

For The State!
Domusk Endashi

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Oh look, it’s Diana Kim in a male body.

This has already been addressed multiple times, perhaps best by Anna Stjornauga:

Oh, look it’s another forum troll, enemy of the State and Empire made her appearance just to bark at other speakers with little to no substance except her own hatred.

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This is a more moderate statement than before. But remember that your CEO preferred to help the victims of the terroristic attack, not destroy them.

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