Not so sure about that. The Reclaiming remains a powerful moral imperative within the Empire. Viewed through the lens of the Book of Reclaiming, the creation of Pochven was a tremendous blasphemy and it would be very easy for them to label the Triglavians as demons emerging from the Abyss. That, coupled with the loss of Empress Jamyl to a Drifter fleet just a few years ago, may have driven the Empire to make increasingly radical decisions.

It would be no problem to justify the reclamation of Pochven from the Amarr’s perspective, obviously. Justifying a trio of stellar disasters for research purposes is not so simple, but still well within the orthodox interpretation of their scriptures. On the surface it appears that they are pursuing this research with such fervor that jeopardizing their political image is an acceptable cost, as are the lives of those who chose to stay behind on Turnur and the lives of the scientists operating the transmuter.

So why are these considered acceptable loses? What justification do the Heirs have for quite literally ending a world? Maybe, and this is a big maybe, they view recent events as nothing less than the End with a capital “E”. Jove Stasis enclaves running amok, Triglavians emerging from Hell to enslave entire systems, the death of an esteemed theocrat who was also a supposedly immortal Capsuleer…

I’m reminded of an old prophecy I once heard from an acquaintance within the Theology Council: “From the formless void there springs an entity more primordial than the elements themselves. In its wake there will follow a storm.

I’m forced to agree with Ulysses on this one. According to their religion, the ethics of the Empire are ‘whatever the butt on the throne says is good and right and just, is, and anything else is a lie’.

Seriously, if the Empress decreed that eating Ni-Kunni babies every morning was a requirement, Aldrith’d be in a horrible place, but faith-bound to uphold it.


As ludicrous as it sounds, do we know the Empresses current eating habits? Ni-Kunni people may need to prepare themselves.