Algintal Fake News - Sep 11, YC 120

It’s the premiere of the Algintal Fake News Network!

Today’s stories:

  • A possible mutiny aboard the Wiyrkomi Factory in Augnais due to the loss of batteries for the workers’ personal holo-projectors.
  • Profile of a local baker in Parchanier who discovered a new sweetloaf recipe using Quafe Ultra.

And a special message from the founder of the network – me! – on how to make more than half of a TRILLION ISK per hour!

I couldn’t help but notice a distinct lack of fake news broadcasts in New Eden, and decided to do something about it. So I hired a crew of disgraced former journalists from The Scope, and changed their names to protect their former identity.

(Out of character)

A little over a month ago, I started running the Gallente Cosmos missions on a new character with the goal of creating a comprehensive video guide. Some of the missions are just a little bit silly, and I have just a little bit of an overactive imagination. So I decided to start a parody news broadcast that loosely follows the events of the most recent mission chain in the video guide. This is the result… :wink:

Hope some folks enjoy!

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