[MHE] "Tales of Kahah" Broadcast Service

[The MHE Industries logo fades to Viverina standing at a podium that has been erected on a raised dais in front of the wall bearing the photographs, holoimages, and small personal belongings of refugees and survivors searching for loved ones]

Viverina begins solemnly, “The crisis in Kahah needs no introduction. There are millions of casualties and millions more continue to suffer throughout the system. And yet their individual cries of anguish and stories of agony have yet to penetrate into the hearts of those who can put an end to this madness. In my last address, I said that every voice deserved to be heard and that every story deserved to be told. I stand by my commitment and it is for that reason that I am proud to announce the launch of MHE Industries’ ‘Tales of Kahah’ Broadcast Service.”

“This Broadcast Service has two missions. Firstly, to be the mouthpiece for which refugees and survivors can make known their individual stories of suffering, as a media outlet for war correspondents and journalists that brave the conditions on the ground and in space, and to serve as a repository and archive to preserve the record of all those that this tragedy has touched. Secondly, the Broadcast Service will function as a network for the propagation of information to spread awareness of the suffering and unabated atrocities taking place in Kahah. Once the crisis has been resolved, the Broadcast Centers will become memorials honoring those who have lost their lives in this conflict.”

“The ‘Tales of Kahah’ Broadcast Service achieves its second mission through its network of MHE-sponsored Broadcast Stations that have been established throughout New Eden. Content is generated by a Production Studio established above Kahah III, which is then transmitted via fluid router to the Broadcast Stations. The information is then downloaded into a ‘master-copy’ holoreel for high-security systems, copies of which are distributed to local outlets, broadcast regularly on local frequencies, and disseminated into downloadable form onto local servers. Low-security systems, at this time, have ‘hard-copy’ holoreels on a case by case basis.”

“As of this announcement, every system in the Khanid Kingdom has a ‘Tales of Kahah’ Broadcast Center enfranchised at every star and temperate planet, with the exception of Khanid Prime, where three additional Broadcast Centers were established at the stations owned and operated by Khanid Innovation and Khanid Works. As an exception to the exception, a total of five “Tales of Kahah” Broadcast Centers were deployed in the system of Zirsem—at the star and Zirsem V, as well as at the three stations controlled and operated by Khanid Transport and the Royal Khanid Navy. We also ensured that one thousand copies of holoreels were available specifically for the Broadcast Center above Zirsem V.”

“In total, over the last ten hours, 175 individual broadcasting or production centers of the “Tales of Kahah” Broadcast Service were deployed throughout the Khanid Kingdom. Naturally, denizens of the Khanid Kingdom will now have firsthand and unfettered access to the stories of the refugees and survivors of Kahah—a service that MHE Industries provides free of charge. An additional eight units have been deployed in Yulai to provide a direct communications link and supporting local communications infrastructure specializing in news and information pertaining to the crisis in Kahah to the Inner Circle and other CONCORD Divisions.”

“I would like to thank the crew of my Crane Tales of Kahah and staff for the hard work they put in over the last ten hours and to Thaila Lemrenoy, CEO of MHE Industries, for entrusting me with this responsibility. I would also like to add that due to the volume of Broadcast Centers, the Service enjoys numerous redundancy contingencies in the event one or more Centers is brought offline. Nonetheless, we will work to maintain the network until this crisis is resolved.”

“As of this announcement, the Service is live,” Viverina looks straight into the camera, “May the truth set you free.”

[The MHE Industries logo re-materializes and provides a schedule of upcoming broadcasts. The very first is about a little girl named Meisha and her sister Anena.]


Announcement: “Tales of Kahah” Broadcast Service Affiliates Program

Our work is not yet finished!

Hello! My name is Viverina Cielvoss, the Chief Operating Officer of the “Tales of Kahah” Broadcast Service. Although today marks the launch day for the Service and our staff and volunteers in production, distribution, editing, writing, and technical support are still shaking with first-day jitters, our Service is just the first step in bringing the stories of the refugees and survivors of Kahah to all of New Eden.

We need your help!

To that end, I am happy to announce our Affiliate Program. Whether it’s just one system, a constellation, or an entire region, every local Broadcasting Center helps spread the message of the suffering, the displaced, and those in need. Every Affiliate Broadcasting Center will have complete access to everything that the Service produces. To participate:

  1. Contact me by Galnet message or post in this thread about your interest.
  2. Launch a Mobile Depot and include “‘Tales of Kahah’ Affiliate” in its designated name and include the system, constellation, region, and associated ‘sovereignty.’ For the purposes of the Affiliate Program, MHE Industries’ algorithms will immediately connect the Service’s content to any Mobile Depot designated with the aforementioned title.
  3. (Optional) Include a camera drone photograph!

Current “Tales of Kahah” Broadcast Service Coverage:

  • Khanid Kingdom (Every System)
  • Yulai (Sanctum, Genesis, CONCORD Assembly)
  • Amarr (Throne Worlds, Domain, Amarr Empire)
  • New Caldari (Kimotoro, The Forge, The Caldari State)
  • Luminaire (Crux, Essence, Gallente Federation)
  • Pator (Sveipar, Heimatar, Minmatar Republic)
  • Tanoo (San Matar, Derelik, Ammatar Mandate)

Current Affiliates and Affiliated Coverage*:

  • Rens (Ortner, Heimatar, Minmatar Republic) - Affiliate Station Deployed by Isha Vuld, T.R.I.A.D, Ushra’Khan
  • Jita (Kimotoro, The Forge, The Caldari State) - Affiliate Station Deployed by Doctor Mizhir Devara, Goryn Clade and equipped with additional broadcast nodes.
  • Starkman (Arzad) (Semou, Devoid, Minmatar Republic) - Affiliate Station Deployed by Ferra Orta, HPLT, Ushra’Khan
  • Kamela (Sasen, The Bleak Lands, Minmatar Republic) - Affiliate Station Deployed by Ferra Orta, HPLT, Ushra’Khan
  • Aunia (Coriault, Sinq Laison, Gallente Federation) - Affiliate Station Deployed by Veskin Sentinel, Sapphire Interstellar Capital Holdings
  • O-VWPB (NK-AOZ, Geminate, Pandemic Horde) - Affiliate Station Deployed by Michael Ornet, A Blessed Bean, Pandemic Horde
  • Botane (Coriault, Sinq Laison, Gallente Federation) - Affiliate Station Deployed by Veskin Sentinel, Sapphire Insterstellar Capital Holdings
  • Clellinon (Obray, Verge Vendor, Gallente Federation) - Affiliate Station Deployed by Veskin Sentinel, Sapphire Interstellar Capital Holdings
  • Couster (Crux, Essence, Gallente Federation) - Affiliate Station Deployed by Veskin Sentinel, Sapphire Interstellar Capital Holdings
  • Trossere (Ambrye, Sinq Laison, Gallente Federation) - Affiliated Station Deployed by Veskin Sentinel, Sapphire Interstellar Capital Holdings

Outage Reports:

  • Several reports of outages in Khanid lowsec. Please standby.

*MHE Industries and “Tales of Kahah” Broadcast Service are not responsible for outages affecting Affiliate Program Broadcasting Centers.

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Thank you so much Vivi, this is really an amazing achievement. I’m so proud of you!


Yes, excellent work! Keep it up, for the sake of us all!

I’l have to tune in while I am in the area.


Thank you for the kind words, Miss Vuld! All of the content produced by us will be available cluster-wide through MHE Industries’ public Galnet pages, not only through the Service’s local broadcasting centers. However, I am eager to expand our tailored coverage in the near future. Together, we can bring an end to these tragedies!

We at the “Tales of Kahah” Broadcast Service would also like to thank you for deploying an Affiliate Broadcast Station in the system of Rens, Miss Vuld!


Weird nerd

How rude.


Doctor Devara,

Thank you for deploying an Affiliate Broadcast Center in Jita! We will include it in our list of Affiliate Centers immediately!


[The scene opens with Viverina standing at a podium on top of a raised dais in front of the wall of hand-written notes, pictures, drawings, and small personal belongings. She is dressed in formal executive wear with her hair tied back into a ponytail.]

“MHE Industries and the “Tales of Kahah” Broadcast Service applaud the work of the Inner Circle in its attempt to bring a resolution to the crisis in Kahah. Although policy resolutions have been met with vetoes, it is our continued hope that a cessation of hostilities is reached to end the fighting. We encourage all delegates of the Inner Circle and members of the CONCORD Assembly to focus not just on the material cost of this conflict, but the human toll as well—of families that will never be whole again, of ravaged homes and neighborhoods, of the devastation of communities. We urge the Khanid military to ease the military cordons established around capsuleer-owned humanitarian aid colonies in Kahah so that those seeking refuge from the conflict can find respite and desperately-needed supplies can flow out of these areas to ease human suffering.”

“In light of the Inner Council’s actions in Yulai, the “Tales of Kahah” Broadcast Service will deploy Broadcast Stations in areas of significant political influence in New Eden. A Broadcast Station will be deployed at the star, each temperate planet, and at each megacorporation-held stations. These systems include Amarr in the Amarr Empire, Luminaire in the Gallente Federation, New Caldari in the Caldari State, Pator in the Minmatar Republic, and Tanoo in the Ammatar Mandate. This marks the first phase of our Service’s expansion to bring more stories with local broadcasting and media support to those with the power to end the conflict in Kahah.”

“Simultaneously, the “Tales of Kahah” Broadcast Service media teams will be bolstered by volunteers from the Kahah refugee and survivor community. These individuals have agreed to travel with me aboard the Tales of Kahah to share their stories. We encourage local communities to reach out to schedule events and talks where they can shed light on the tragedy that is the ‘Kahah Massacre.’ We are very proud of them for stepping forward and join them in their passion to see this crisis finally come to an end.”

“We would also like to thank our current Affiliates, Miss Isha Vuld and Doctor Mizhir Devara, for their support and further call for more volunteers to join our Affiliate Program. Any assistance afforded to the Broadcast Service for language localization, cultural liaison cooperation, and further coverage expansion would be of enormous assistance to spreading these stories that risk falling into obscurity or worse, silence.”

[The scene fades and plays additional programming that can be found in the fluid router channel “Tales of Kahah” Broadcast Network. Broadcasts include reports from the surface of Kahah III and an interview with a Khanid man who was forced to flee his home due to sectarian violence.]

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//Video Playing

The Matari Venge Captain stands with a salute to the camera drone, the pride inducing rustic skies in the background.

“Greetings, I noticed a severe lack of broadcasting around the Amarrian warzone and thus have aided in rectifying this. As of recording this, on behalf of Ushra’Khan, another two broadcasting beacons have been launched in Starkman(read; Arzad) and Kamela. Both systems we hold a strong presence that actively attracts the slaver dogs.”

The Captain looks out the window to one of the depots freshly anchored and nods to the camera drone,
“I’ve attached the information below and more will be anchored in the coming days. Keep fighting the good fight, Ushra’khan will never back down as long as there is a single slave yet chained!”

She salutes once more and adds in a stoic tone; “Death to the Khanid slavers, death to Amarr!”

//Video End

//Loading attachment…
//Attachment loaded

‘Tales of Kahah’ Affiliate - Starkman(Arzad), Semou, Devoid - Minmatar, HPLT, Ferra Orta

‘Tales of Kahah’ Affiliate - Kamela, Sasen, The Bleak Lands - Minmatar, HPLT, Ferra Orta


Venge Captain Orta,

Although I cannot condone the political rhetoric of your message, I cannot deny that you have taken great personal risk to bring the stories and voices of all those touched by the tragedy of Kahah to the Amarrian warzone. For this latter act, you have my gratitude and the gratitude of all of the “Tales of Kahah” Broadcast Service.

We thank you again,

Viverina Cielvoss



I want to share camera drone footage, that I have recorded during the recent events in Kahah, namely the brutal atrocity that was committed on the 4th of November YC120 as well as the major battle between Minmatar-Ammatar forces, participating in Operation Starfall and Amarr-Khanid-CONCORD forces that occurred on the very next day, 5th of November YC120.

These are the full, unedited camera drone feeds. Read the descriptions below the videos before watching, if you want to learn details. Please adjust the quality to the best possible, via the appropriate buttons and watch full screen.

The slave sacrifices on the 4th of November:

Witness the events on the 4th of November, YC120! An unspeakable atrocity, committed by a group of lunatics, that claim that they speak for God, and were fulfilling His will.

They sacrificed nearly two million slaves in freighters in orbit of Kahah III as a message to the revolting slaves on the planet, in an attempt to discourage them and make them obey their Khanid masters. A deed that was condemned by everyone that was there.

We tried to stop them. A handful of slaves were saved.

And the battle that occurred on the 5th:

Witness the events on the 5th of November, YC120, in the Kahah system, above planet Kahah III!

A joint Minmatar-Ammatar fleet endeavor, called Operation Starfall, attempted to land troops on the surface of Kahah III, in order to free and evacuate their fellow enslaved people, that are being mercilessly killed, after they attempted a revolt against their Khanid masters, caused by a Blood Raider attack on the planet, utilizing the Deathglow chemical.

The troops were in a Providence class freighter, piloted by the organizer of the operation, Mr. Armast Darkar. He was escorted and protected by a fleet of Ushra’Khan warrior capsuleers and other Minmatar pilots.

The Operation Starfall fleet was opposed by Amarr-Khanid loyalists fleet as well as CONCORD police forces, that were there to keep the sovereign law.

For the more impatient of you, the fighting starts roughly at the 1 hour mark.

See for yourself who had the upper hand in the fight.

These are personal recordings that I am willing to provide for everyone that wants to learn and witness the hardships that Kahah is going through.

I still hope that the situation can be resolved in a good manner, no matter how bad it looks now. Hoping that when more people see what happened there, there will be more voices raising and a good discussion and negotiations between the involved parties.


Monsieur Sentinel,

I apologize for not responding to you sooner and I must keep this message brief as the Kahah Vigil is about to commence. The footage that you have taken here, while painful, is nonetheless invaluable in documenting what has occurred in Kahah. I will thank you personally when I am able.

I will also immediately update our list of affiliates for the work you have done in establishing a Broadcast Center in Aunia.

Thank you for all of your support,

Viverina Cielvoss

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Viverina Cielvoss,

I would like to gauge your interest in establishing an Affiliate Broadcasting Center in the system of O-VWPB. Through your broadcast network, as well as others, the crisis in Kahah has garnered my attention. I believe there are other likeminded individuals who may be swayed as well if your broadcasts were not so easily drowned by onslaught that can be Null Security life. At the very least it may reach the ears of those who have traveled to work in the various stations and ships that find their home in O-VWPB.

Thank you for your time,

Micheal Ornet


Monsieur Ornet,

Such a location would be our first in nullsec! If you are willing to deploy an Affiliate Broadcast Station, I will immediately authorize programming. Thank you for this exciting opportunity and please let me know if there is anything I can do to assist.

Thank you,
Viverina Cielvoss


Viverina Cielvoss,

The new “Tales of Kahah’ Affiliate: O-VWPB, NK-AOZ, Geminate, Pandemic Horde” Broadcasting Center is now online and operational. I hope your teams message will reach the ears of the residents of O-VWPB.

Until next time,
Micheal Onret


No problem. Glad to help.

I anchored 4 more broadcast nodes:

One in Botane, Coriault, Sinq Laison - in front of the Barataria Bay - EVE Mogul Sotiyo engineering complex

The next three are in capsuleer starter systems, next to the stations.

One in Clellinon, Obray, Verge Vendor
One in Couster, Crux, Essence
One in Trossere, Ambrye, Sinq Laison

All in Gallente Federation space.

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Monsieur Sentinel,

Thank you for your assistance in improving our coverage within the Gallente Federation! The work you have done and the footage you have provided us are invaluable to the “Tales of Kahah” Broadcast Service.

Thank you,
Viverina Cielvoss

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Several Tales of Kahah Affiliate broadcast nodes that I have deployed in Federation territory, were recently attacked and had entered reinforced mode. The attackers had masked their deeds by attacking all other installations on the sites, belonging to various capsuleers.

Please check the broadcast nodes in your possession, whether you are of the Tales of Kahah broadcast team or an affiliate.

I have scooped and redeployed my broadcast nodes and will monitor them.

Seems like someone has intentions to silence the broadcasts. So far they have not been identified, but will see.

Keep your eyes open and watch your broadcast nodes.


Monsieur Sentinel,

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Unfortunately, based on the volumes being targeted, I believe there is a concerted effort with malicious intent at work. At first, only local pirates would conduct the strikes. In the last ten days, however, there has been a sudden blossoming of attacks on Broadcast Centers throughout Kingdom space—attacks that are in such quantity and organization that maintaining the Broadcast Service in Khanid Kingdom space is becoming increasingly difficult. These attacks, combined with your own observations, leads me to conclude there are morally bankrupt entities who would silence the voices of victims and refugees on all sides of the conflict, in order to suppress the truth.

Thank you for your efforts, Monsieur Sentinel,

Viverina Cielvoss