[MHE] Plea For Armistice

[The MHE logo melts away to a camera drone following Viverina as she walks in front of a wall covered with hand-written notes, pictures, drawings, and small personal belongings. Messages scrawled across the likenesses include ‘Have you seen me?’ and directions on how to find loved ones. Refugees of all ages dart back and forth through the camera shot, though their attention is focused on gleaning information from the wall. Viverina turns to the camera and begins to speak.]

“Between news coverage, reports from the surface, and declarations from representatives of the Khanid court, the numbers of the situation here in Kahah are staggering. Casualties are in the multi-millions. But ‘millions’ is impersonal, abstract, and detached. Nearly every capsuleer in New Eden is a millionaire. And as an abstraction, as a statistic, it is just another word. But there are real lives being destroyed in Kahah, real stories that go untold, awash in this sea of tragedy.”

[Viverina smiles and nods to someone off camera. The camera drone zooms out and shows a nervous-looking little girl who rushes towards Viverina and looks at the camera]

“This is Meisha. She is eleven years old and lived in an aquaponics district in the northern hemisphere,” Viverina says solemnly, resting a hand reassuringly on Meisha’s back. She then looks towards the girl and smiles softly, “Now, Meisha, what did you want to say?”

The little girl swallows hard. Her voice quivers with each syllable, “M-Mommy. D-Daddy. I’m here. Like you told me to be. Anena is with me, too. We miss you. Please come soon.” Meisha raises her arm to wipe away the tears welling in her eyes.

Viverina kneels down and hugs the girl, whispers an encouragement, then guides Meisha to where her younger sister, Anena presumably, is waiting for her.

Viverina faces the camera drone again, “Stories like Meisha’s multiply by the minute in Kahah. The only way to prevent them is an immediate cessation of hostilities in the system. We urge the Inner Circle to broker a ceasefire and end this senseless loss of life.”

Viverina looks back towards the wall of photos and holoimages, then back towards the camera, “Every story deserves to be told. Every voice deserves to be heard. For that reason, I would like to share with you a poem written by one of the refugees fleeing Kahah III.”

For the muted laughs. For the faded smile. For the ones who flee by hellish mile.
For the empty home. For the broken glass. For the silent sway of blades of grass.
For the cratered road. For the walls turned red. For unmarked graves of nameless dead.
For the orphaned child. For the distant gaze. For the ones who seek a warm embrace.
For the shattered man. For those who sob alone. For the desperate eyes of wishful hope.
For the baby’s cry. For the mother’s tears. For those who drown now in their fears.
For the handless arm. For the calf-less thigh. For the tears yet shed by blinded eyes.
For the one who searches. For the one who stays. For the one who still finds faith to pray.
For the rescued man. For the woman left behind. For the ones now trapped in the ice of time.
For the choice not taken. For the regretful soul. For the broken promise of long ago.
May our hearts keep beating. For all New Eden to see. We are not forgotten, but most are still not free.
Let there be respite. Let peace please mend. Please Lord I beseech you… Let this bloodshed end.

Viverina looks up at the camera and bites back a silent tear, “Please. Let this bloodshed end.”

[The scene then fades to an image of MHE’s Providence-class freighter above Kahah III before fading to black]


Beautifull. And tragic.

May no girl ever have to look for her mother like that again.

Why do we keep doing this to each other?


Pardon my cynicism, but the Inner Circle doesn’t give two shits about sob stories. I’d consider it a bloody miracle if those twats could broker anything but more supposed influence and wealth for themselves, none of which are to be gained from crying children.

Of course, pleading for peace is admirable. However there is also another matter: The Khanid do not see the rebels or slaves as people but their things , and do you negotiate with a faulty circuit? From Khanid representatives statements, I would consider it another miracle if this situation resolves without all the slaves dead and the planets set fire to.

If these miracles come to pass I might have to consider converting.

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No, they won’t set fire to the planet. It’s an agricultural world, they need it producing exports.

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Conventional wisdom would say slaughtering their workforce is not a good business strategy either. But they don’t seem to be running on conventional wisdom. Notice I said planets, all eyes seem to be on Kahah III even though rebellions have risen throughout the system.

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They don’t see them as a ‘workforce’, though. They see them as animals they can’t control anymore… and disposable. After all, once they’re done murdering millions, they can just go buy more from other Holders in the Empire. Chakaid probably takes a certain degree of bloody delight in making sure the gets merchandise from the more gentle, tolerant, and well-intentioned Holders to throw into the meat-grinder.

He seems rather like the sort of impotent strutting peacock who would.


This slaughter isn’t unprecedented of course - similar but less well known purgings of slaves free of vitoxin took place after the Elder Invasion sew insorum aerosol in station and planet atmospheres.

And indeed, I did make the same note that the Khanid do not consider these people as people. I was simply thinking out loud that conventional wisdom might not apply here, all it takes is a handful of people who think charred earth tactics are called for.

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Ms. Cielvoss, if you really wish to stop the bloodshed, you shall turn your speech not to defending, but to offending side - namely, former slaves who picked up weapons against the Kingdom.

Addressing the defenders to stop the bloodshed is simply unethical.

The defenders are the ones shedding most of the blood in this case, actually, by executing what has become known as the “Kahah massacres”. The vast majority of the “offending side” are flying unarmed industrials with no or minimal security on board, and are not actually there for bloodshed, but to move people off-world.

The ones who brought weapons and soldiers are a minority, and the impact of their assaults pale in comparison to the massacres themselves.

If the bloodshed is to stop, one has to ask the “defenders” in this case. The offenders are not causing a lot right now.


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