ALL Barges are Omega?

You just use the Eve Portal app, which will let you buy or sell PLEX without being logged in, and will also let you do so remotely on the Jita market without physcially being there.


If you can even get on the app. Not working for everyone. Great to see you back.

Did not know this, thanks!

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Eve portal app doesnt work atm it seems

oooooohh ok thank you for that information.

it would be cool if there was an outside ISK for plex market. You would come to this web site and buy plex with isk right next to the money for plex service they have here. the people who run this site jut dont like that because they dont want to do it because it would be another thing that would add to their work and duties and updating it and on and on and on. there is no reason you cant buy plex with ik right on this site just like how you buy plex with cash. but they dont want to do that. you can sell it and buy it in the market and thats good enough because they dont want to set up a new plex store to buy plex with isk because they are lazy. thats what it really come down to. believe me; i have emailed and had this conversation with almost everyone who is “management” of the game. most of them say they dont want to set up a different store because it would be taking the opportunity away from those on the market to sell plex and by setting up a store it would corner the user selling plex on the market. yet i have ran the numbers on that; and thats a lie. most people who buy plex do not get it from the market. from what i found. most people buy plex with cash at the plex store. thats the real reason they dont want to set up a second store; not because it will hurt the users selling it. they dont want to lose money. if they set up a store to buy plex directly with isk instead of cash; EVERYONE would do it and it would make them lose out on selling plex with real money and thats the botton line right there.

plex are not made with fresh air.

Are you getting enough oxygen?


It seems to work for some and not others.

My friend. I’m not sure exactly how but you have like a fundamental, conceptual misunderstanding of what plex is and how it works.

Plex does two things:

  1. It adds game time or MCT to your account
  2. It buys stuff like skins from the NES

All plex in the game is bought from the Website by a player for real money. Every single one. Those players do one of two things with their plex:

  1. Use the PLEX to add game time, MCT, or to buy skins from the NES
  2. List it on the market for ISK.

People who buy plex for ISK also use it to do one of those two things.

The vast majority of PLEX is bought for real money by a player who lists it on the market where it is bought by another player who uses it for one of the purposes above. It’s a basic trade, some players would rather spend real money to get game money, other players would rather pay game money to fund their omega.

CCP cannot sell PLEX directly for ISK without tanking the market. CCP will never sell you PLEX for ISK. Only other players can do this. Most PLEX bought from the website (a significant majority) is therefore traded for ISK.

You’ve run the numbers on jack because you clearly don’t have any understanding of the market. PLEX exists to prevent RMT, and at a fundamental level is simply a method for you to pay another player in ISK to sub your omega for you.



Here ya go. Someone is selling 10k PLEX.

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That mood sounds quite like a future Prisoner/President…
I don’t think you will be successful in New Eden that way.

And please use capital letters not just for shouting. There’s also an “Enter” key to arrange your thoughts. Reading this wall of text is exhausting.

Bullseye. It’s a business, not charity. But that is no secret at all …

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What numbers and where did you get them?

It might be true that more people buy plex with cash than with isk, but there are still a lot of people buying/selling plex for isk

If they did that, it would lower the profit of the people buying plex to sell for isk, and like you said, it would also lower the amount of money ccp is making, but i don’t think that ccp will want to have devs spend their time making new store that does exactly what players do

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Was it necessary to necro this 2 months later?

Necro-ing this thread was not my intention

ALL plex was initially bought with cash, with the exceedingly rare exception of recent plex give away by ccp.

FYI: PLEX stands for Pilot License EXtension. It was initially brought in as an anti RMT measure.


Yes, all plex is bought from ccp with cash, but not EVERYONE gets it with cash

Ex: Human A buys 5000 plex with cash, then Human B buys 2500 plex from Human A

All plex was initially bought with cash, but that doesn’t mean that is how everyone is getting it

My point is that almost all PLEX was initially bought with cash. If fewer people buy PLEX, less PLEX is on the ingame market.

PLEX actually costs more $$$ for a month’s omega than a sub, sales notwithstanding.

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Not necessarily right, if big packages are bought instead of small ones.
But indeed it’s an interesting question: How many players directly buy PLEX? As you stated it’s not the best idea to buy PLEX in cash to plex your account, so there are other incentives. Probably to get items you only can buy by paying ISK like expensive ships.
So the leverage between PLEX buyers and account plexers is the PLEX price in ISK.

Or take advantage of the NES offers of cheap subs for a fraction of PLEX that comes around once in a while.

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