All my stuff in Vale now what?

I just returned to game and I have all my assets in Vale but it wont let me go there…how do I get all my ships?
It says the Tranglavs own it and there is no gate to gate route available.

Welcome back, yes, Vale is now owned by the triglavian collective as a result of the actions taken during the chapter 3 triglavian invasion

You have a couple of options

Firstl option, you use a Pochven entry filament in order to get in to vale and grab a ship and they use an exit filament to hopefully dump you somewhere safe

Second option, you probe down the WH that leads to vale, this is a map of all the systems that the Vale C729 WH can spawn in, its always in one of those sytems, however the entry system and entry WH are likely to have triglavians floating around in it so moving larger ships will be difficult

Third option, you enter Pochven to gain the single positive standings tick ( Gaining Standings In Pochven - EDENCOM Defense Initiative ) required to avoid getting shot and then you can just hope nobody camps the WH while you move things out of Vale

Or you can try and sell the contents while in system or contact someone like Red Frog to get the assets out of the system

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