Returning after five years and stuck in Vale

I was advised to submit a ticket in one of the in game help channels and request my assets be moved from Vale, Pochven to a system outside of that space. I did so a week ago and have heard nothing back.

I’m wondering if I submitted it under the wrong heading, which one should I submit it too or, is this just how long it takes to have a ticket addressed? With the 20th Anniversary work being done, I understand it could take awhile.

Request #2032418

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I would have done under “stuck”. You can get this only once, for one ship and its cargo, as a returning player. But Pochven is not difficult to extract from. Have a look here Pochven - EVE University Wiki

It’s anyway better to get familiar with Pochven, it’s a fascinating place of opportunity.

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be sure to check and see if your assets located in pochven might have higher value there, from my understanding capitals and such are really valuable there. dont quote me on this but you cannot bring in supcaps(& capitals? not sure on this) into pochven and thus value follows.

i welcome corrections to any parts of my understanding here

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