All-Purpose and Affordable Website Design

Websites for ISK

Websites for your corps, alliances, personal use, or other causes are available for a one-time payment of 100 million ISK!

With my help, you can get the public face of your cause up and running for a comparatively small cost to the value it will provide.

The 100 million ISK cost covers the development of your website, which will continue until you are entirely satisfied! Don’t be afraid to ask for changes!

Ongoing support for your website is available for a 10 million ISK monthly rate, which can be canceled at any time for a 5 million ISK charge, or within 2 days after your monthly payment for no extra cost.

In game meetings are available for free if you would like to learn more- just send me, Akkiri, an in-game transmission. A location will be selected, and once we meet, we will have a voice call or text chat, depending on what you would like, and I will answer any questions you have and explain the options you have to make your website legendary!

Note: Hosting is not included, unless you wish to use a free service such as GitHub Pages, Vercel, or Replit, in which case I will help you set it up for no extra cost!

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