All rorq and nag skill books injected price to 6b

Im selling myself. I have all requiered skill books injected for rorqual and naglafar.

I have positive sec status.
Im located in Jita 4-4
Positive wallet
Cybernetics 5, With a Geno set, and a +5 in the 5th slot and a 5% cpu
2 remaps



I’ll take it for 5.5b

6.3b and we have a deal

Actually nvm, thought it had a set of +5’s

Not gonna pay more than 5.5 sorry

np o/

Give me a few hours to sell this town and I might be interested

rgr that

to the top

price lowered

up up up

How long would it take to have this toon in a rorq and be able to mine?

about 124 days with t1 tank skills and t1 indy core. thats with the panic and drone skills

tippy top


Send isk and account info and ill start the transfer.

No response… still up for grabs

up up up

Whether to accept 5.5B

Send isk and account info and I’ll start the transfer as soon as possible.