All Shattered Wormholes should be Subcap only please!

It’s gotten ridiculous now, CCP.

Tons of C5/6 Shattered wormholes have solo capital pilots logged off with tons of alts. They log in, roll or crit all the wormholes with their T3C Higgs Covops alts (way too safe) and than they can clear every single site in the wormhole and keep it empty for weeks straight.

They usually log on late at night before/after downtime to avoid the hunters.

J004998 is a C5 Shattered Magnetar, I’ve seen multiple capitals in here for MONTHS now! The sites are always under 5 sites at all times of the week., it’s because some Russian with 3 Capitals/tons of alts can farm in PEACE AND SAFETY FOR MONTHS! Shattered wormholes are by nature - much more dead and quiet than your average system in New Eden.

He can also afford to fund all of his accounts because of the INSANE profits you can make SOLO farming C5/6 sites. He has plenty of spare isk leftover.

Why do I care about this? Because I care about the little guy, the corps that want to run PvE subcap fleets in these wormholes for fun/profit.

The point of shattered wormholes was to truly create the vision CCP originally had for wormholes, which was a daytripping activity and a harsh environment that you had a hard time even living in. Now, tons of shattered wormholes have solo farmers who just krab in absolute safety for weeks. Keep capitals OUT of these damn systems please!!

This is not what shattered wormholes should be. This happens in tons of C5/6 shattered wormholes.

edit: Shattereds also respawn sites much faster.

edit edit: So my final suggestion - make them like Thera wormholes so it can be a subcap environment. Don’t make them all small wormholes those are BORING!

You might care, Eve does not. If you want your place at the table, you gotta earn it.

Let’s play eve hmmm what’s everyone doing well secretly krabbing in dark corners making everything you do in dangerous space not worth the risk of course!

Dumb ccp dumb dumb dumb dumb

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