All sold

Selling all Characters below. Will post below in thread verifying the characters are mine. Auction will go for one week or until suitable buyout is reached.

All characters have the following:

  • NPC Corp
  • Positive Wallet
  • Located Jita 4-4
  • No Kill Rights

Characters for sale:

{SOLD} : Scrub Bot, PW 54321 (90.9M), Sec: -1.11
Supers, T2 Fighters, Multiple Dreads, Great subcap Skills, BLOPS, Firewall Breach Naglfar Skin, All Blaze Skins.

Scrub D, PW 54321 (41.6M), Sec: 0.2
Focused Naglfar, Min Dread 5, Capital Projectile Turret 5, Capital Autocannon Spec 5, 500k unallocated SP.

I am for sale.

I am for sale.

34 bil for Scrub D

Faction standings for Bot please?


75 Bill for bot

75B will take it in 10 hours if still top bid. Thanks.

76B for bot

77B isk ready now

77B isk has it for high bid currently. Going to be out of the office for work. Will close bidding for Scrub Bot in 4 hours when I return to highest bid.

Scrub Bot Scrub D

for both caracter 78 bill

95 bill for both caracter? what do u think?

105 and i’ll package them together mate.

How about 100B for both?
Can do this right now

I can do 105 otherwise I’m going to have to with separate sales. Thanks.

give me 15 minutes for the answer for 105 bill

No problem

can i talk with u in game? chat?

sure logging in now.