All the pain money can buy?

So I have been out for a year. I see some Eve Online in the news and head back in. Get my Astero set back up, find a wormhole, check the mapper for activity, check d-scan relentlessly, find a level 1 data site. Hack a can. hit d-scan some more. loki decloaks - i am hot on warping away but i get popped and lose the Astero.

I have done this to myself over and over and over since 2003.

I get back in. Try to operate as safe as possible in out of the way places and blam - popped.

Are there more people lying in wait than there are people playing the other side of the game.

You can’t swing a Tengu without hitting 3 cloaked up wolves.

I really have had enough, but I seem to forget in a year or two and come back thinking it might have altered. It never has altered.

I pay to get my internet spaceship blown up.

So I am cancelling my subscription not 3 days into a 3 month subscription. Hopefully I can remember this for a few years and spare myself the consternation from doing it over and over again.

That’s all really.


You lost one ship so “gaem bad”. A few things that can help:

Don’t use wormholes that you entered from high sec, especially not ones that are close to trade hubs and really not ones within 5 jumps of Jita. Because that is what all lazy people do and since there are lots of those there will be quite a few people fishing for them. Your HS to WH connection should be quite a bit away from trade hubs and then don’t use that wormhole but use one deeper in.

All you have to do to get away is come to a complete stop to do your hacking but before you do you select something on the overview to warp to and not run your mwd, meaning that in case of someone uncloaking on your you just have to mash the warp button and you’re away. Since they take 5-6 seconds before they can even start to target you this massively increases your chances of getting away.




That is what the game is about. Either you destroy another player’s ship or another player destroys your ship. That’s why rule number 1 is don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose.
All those gimmicks about mining, hacking, exploring, missions… are just lures to get ships in space for destruction. The game’s economy depends on it.

In my opinion, if you’re not out in space seeking to destroy another player’s ship, you’re wasting your time.
But of course, it’s just my opinion.


People pay to lose in Fortnite? Die in Minecraft and lose Dota 2 games? Bye bye OP if you even read this and I doubt that.


Perhaps you don’t understand what a sandbox MMO is. May I suggest you read up on the game since you seem to have totally forgotten what EVE is since the last time you played.

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It’s a good title for a movie!

You usually have to pay double for that kind of action…


Not on Netflix :blush:

In my opinion, quickly jumping into a w-hole instead of first concentrating on some High Sec sites to build up some ISK was definitely a mistake.

Check the in-game Starmap, there’s a lot of out of the way dead end High Sec systems that have very little traffic and are packed with plenty of exploration signatures and anomalies.

Running those will quickly bank up enough ISK so you can then venture into more profitable dangerous areas…


Not if you fly what you can afford to lose :slightly_smiling_face:

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I joined EvE a weekish ago.

Yesterday I stepped into the world of wormholes and l had a blast.

As I decided to leave after my absolutely massive (to me) 11mill haul one hole in my exit chain collapsed. So I was stuck. It was great.

I found a couple of null sec links before so went to them and managed to find a few systems with no one in. Failed a load of sites on the way and made it home.

Was chased by a guy in a ship that looked angry for a couple of system but my beasty Heron survived.

Absolutely loved it and if I’d have lost my heron in the process I’d have still loved it.

It’s paid for itself now so my next trip will be a bonus and if I loose it. Meh I’ll still learn stuff.


OP fortunately for you there’s a ton of Pay To Win games on the market now. That will let you Pay to become a Winner.

I recommend picking any of them and not paying at first to learn the mechanics. As the friction increases begin paying for convenience. Be sure to feel the dopamine hits as the graphics play flashy animations and the sounds charm you every time you level up or open a loot box. That will help you commit to the game and continue feeling good.

As you get frustrated that you’re not top of the leaderboard begin paying for power, recall all the times the game has pointed out „here is how you get to the cash shop“. Start using those buttons and paying for rare items and big damage numbers.

In no time at all you’ll no longer be paying to have your ship blown up. You’ll be paying to win that other game. Feel proud for doing that, because it’ll motivate you to be fiscally prudent as you evaluate personal loans and learn about leverage to take out debt smartly so you can Win more.

Eventually you may Win So Hard that you have to file for Chapter 7 or 11 bankruptcy (depending whether you qualify for need based bankruptcy) but you can ignore all the social stigma associated with it because You’re A Big Winner And Deserve It Because You Paid For It.

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wait until I dunk your barge in highsec.

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“All the pain money can buy” is the model of pay to win games. In those games, if you are not paying enough (read: if you are not a “whale” spending hundreds or thousands of $$$ on the game), you are just a content for whales. It is really all the pain that money can buy, plus it degrades you to a level of an NPC for whales to enjoy.

Eve is not like that. You’ve simply not played for some time, meta has changed in the meantime and you’ve jumped in thinking that meta stayed the same. I know that best. My character is from 2007. and during the last 17 years I’ve been in and out of the game, sometimes not playing for a couple of years.

But, I know how fast things change in Eve. Only one patch, one nerf of buff can change the landscape completely, especially in a delicate environment such as W-space. I’ve learned to respect that and when getting back to the game, read a bit about what has changed and scout the areas I’m interested in to see what has changed in practice. Learning the current meta when getting back to the game after a break is recommended, and, at least for me, part of what makes me get back into the game. Every time I get back into the game, it’s different - and that’s what keeps me playing.

Yah I delt with 2 credit card warriors.

Blew my mind on their mentality of spend spend spend.

They literally believe the more you spend the more “fun” you will have.

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I knew one of those in my time. Insanely overpriced loss after loss just cuz he could. I never got it, probably never will tbh. I guess some people judge success by how much it cost in order to have that rush?

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