All the skills to fly an armor tank Thanatos?

Sorry. I searched and I am bad at it and I did not find what I am looking for. I am taking a break from EvE but I know I will be back and I am keeping Omega running. So I want to que up the skills for a Armor tanked Ratting Thanatos while I am gone and maybe come back with most or all of it done. I have set up the skills to get into the hull itself. However, I need to know what other skills I need/want to get all the fitting and fighters etc. Sorry if this is an annoying request. I spent a lot of time trying to piece it together but I am really sick of eve atm and just can’t. I was really hoping someone just had a list and could paste it here to help me out.

The info sheet for every ship has a requirements tab and a mastery tab. The requirements will tell you the basic skills you need to sit in the ship. Mastery is the game’s recommendation for support skills to fly the ship well.


This man is right, although the Mastery tab shouldn’t be followed to the letter (like training up the sensor strength skills on a carrier…). You can do your own picking of what is good and what isn’t for your activities with a carrier (which can be varied).

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Ok I will start with that tab.

Here is a guide which may give you some insight on your desired fit. Also as stated above look at the mastery levels of each ship for a nudge in the right direction skills wise. Hope this helps. Also be sure to note that there has been nerfs/buffs since this was written and also that in the next week there is a new update which is changing things regarding carriers, fighters, and mods.


What I do is find a fit I like (google), pull it into the fitting screen, make a note of the skills I lack for that fit, buy them and and add them to the training queue. I then look at all the skills for that hull and for each module in that fit to see which would benefit from being taken to a level higher than the minimum required, and add those to the queue as well. You can have up to 50 different skills/levels in the training queue, so you should be able to ‘plan ahead’ quite well. Don’t forget drone skills (if you use drones) plus ammo, nanites etc. Also keep an eye on Eve, things like the other weekend’s free skillpoints giveaway will help you progress.

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