Need help for Hyperion as an Alpha

(Lava Yosi) #1

I need help fitting a Hyperion for L4 PvE or maybe pvp as well as a max skill alpha pilot.
And a step by step skill plan for it, I hope someone would help.

(Alua Oresson) #2

Evemon is your friend. Seriously, learning how to plan out what you want to fly may be one of the more important skills you learn.

(Jenne Wain) #3

We can help you here, but some more information would be helpful.

When you say PVP, what kind are you thinking (solo, gang, etc.)?

Where are you with your current training and what are you flying today?

Why did you choose the Hyperion as a goal?

That will give us some background to work with.

As for skills, while I won’t give you an exact skill plan, here’s some guidance.

Look at the requirements and Mastery Certificates for the ship. While you do not need to train all of those Certificate skills, this is a very helpful guideline for things to consider.

First, focus on your “core skills”. Max out your engineering skills first, then your tanking skills (armor skills for the Hyperion). These are important because they will help you with any ship that you fly. Once you have those done, then you can shift your focus to the more specific skills such as weapon and drone skills, then lastly, the ship skills. Think of this like building a house- build a foundation, then add the walls, then decorate it.

I agree with @Alua_Oresson- learning how to use tools like EVEmon for skills and PYFA for fitting are invaluable. We can provide general advice, but those tools will help you work on what’s right for you, since skills and fits can be objectively and subjectively valuable.

Lastly, be patient. This will take a while. Remember, EVE is about the journey, so enjoy the trip :slight_smile:

(Lava Yosi) #4

Thanks for the reply, I greatly appreciate it.

Solo pvp I guess since I’m kinda busy doing real life stuff and some important things.

I just started today currently on tutorials on a frigate. Just training the skills required by the tutorials.

I chose Hyperion, well just role play kinda with a little bit with pvp if it can to socialize and feel the community, I’m not really sure as of now but its my plan as I progress deeper in the game. They say its a good brawler from what I read if on omega account I assume.

I’ll keep learning thanks. :smiley:

(Jenne Wain) #5

More than happy to help :slight_smile: And if you’ve just started, let me welcome you to EVE!

To be clear, the Hyperion is a good ship, I was just curious as to what drew you to it. It’s flexible to be a brawler or a sniper depending on what you train and how you want to use it.

I’m not a big PVPer, so others will likely chime in here, but the good/bad news is that battleships are not generally great for solo PVP due to their low speed and maneuverability as well as the size of their weapons. This is definitely a case where bigger is not always better- particularly with Alpha skills. Odds are good you will want to look at cruisers for that.

All that said, I do stand by my recommendation to focus on core skills first. Things that will help your capacitor management, navigation, and other elements that are more or less universal to all ships are not as sexy up-front, but they are invaluable and you will greatly appreciate training them later.

And, of course, when you have questions, feel free to ask. Embrace the complexity of the game, and you will have a wonderful time!

(Alua Oresson) #6

For an alpha doing solo PVP and wanting a brawler, and if you want to stick to Gallente, check out the Thorax. It’s a cruiser that’s more able to get out of dodge than a Hyperion will. It is also cheaper and better to learn on.

(Boldly Gone) #7

Battleships are a nice aim, but no big fun to fly after you skilled all necessary skills you need. They are slow, they are expensive, they need special targets (frigates are very painful then), they have a huge signature (every shot hits and deals quite much damage), and gankers love to kill them.
Thorax ist cool: Easy to skill, so you can become better and better with each skill level you finish, and easy to build or buy, and you cannot lose too many drones when you get fleet warped without warning :wink: I just managed to get a Talos, that is said to be a DPS dealer, too, while Myrmidons and a Vexor Navy Issue are my favorite ratting ships. You see I don’t stick to one ship, but try everything I am told to or that got my attention one way or another.

Social tip: Have a look for newbro roams. You don’t have to enter their corp to participate, but you learn very much about Nullsec and how to survive there and how to fight against other players. And you learn that even fleet commanders lose their ships in fireballs, so that’s no big deal.

(Solonius Rex) #8

Hyperion is a great ship but if you lack skills youre not going to have a very fun time, because youre going to be on the losing end almost every time.

Solo PVP in eve is fun, but it takes skill. Probably the most amount of skill out of all the various types of gameplay. You need to learn a lot of stuff, and youre going to lose a lot of ships while learning. I wouldnt start with a hyperion, or EVE will become a very expensive hobby for you.

My suggestion is to start with cruisers and simple tech 2/meta 4 fittings and work your way up. Dont go right with a hyperion.

(JuuR Zibaoo) #9


@Jenne_Wain is right …
i would focus on cruiser size ships for solo pvp … i dont do much pvp but a battleship in low sec is a nice target for everyone else … you can skill small and medium guns to T2 versions to deal more and better damage … an a battleship you can only use met weapons …
if you want the Hyperion one day you go the Gallente way in ships … that needs some droneskills too …
the Gallente way opens the Vexor, Thorax, Algos for you … nice ships … later the Dominix and never forget the Tristan!!

but yes …

… is VERY true for EVE

couldnt find much info about you but thats ok
welcome to EVE!!
maybe its not a bad idea you look for a HS and bit LS corp with players who can offer help … there are many who have no problem with alpha players

enjoy the game!! fly safe


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